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How to know if an English tutor is really good?

Some parents asked me this question. Some wanted to check the supporting documents of the native English tutors such as qualification certs and  letter of reference. I remembered one mother even asked the English tutors to tell her 3 previous families’ contacts so she could contact them to check the tutor’s performance.

I told them I understood they wanted to ensure they hired a good English tutor, but checking such documents is really not the only way to find out if the tutor fits. Some English tutors feel they are not trusted when they are asked to show such documents so they decline to take the teaching jobs .

What parents should do is

  1. Talk with tutor on phone. Ask them about academic qualification and career history briefly
  2. Ask them for tutoring experience and ask them to describe few students they have taught, like what learning difficulties did such kids encounter, and how they coped with those issues. If tutors can be detailed in describing them, then it is very likely those students are real .
  3. Tell the tutor over phone about your child’s situation, learning need and personality. Ask the tutor what they will do , and ask them to prepare a brief 1 month and 3 month teaching agendas.
  4. After first or second lessons end, talk to children about their feelings for the tutor’s teaching. But no matter what the say , do not jump to conclusion soon. I saw parents fire tutors right after first lesson because the child said they did not like the lesson. But it was really too soon to judge a tutor just for the first lesson. Better observe for longer time

All in all, we should treat tutors with more respect like serving them a cup of water when they come. Say good bye when they are about to leave. Give them tissues when they come up sweating . or even treat them a lunch or dinner . Tutors will do better if they feel your respects.

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