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advantages and disadvantages of being a full time private English tutor in Hong Kong

More and more choose to be full time private English tutors in Hong Kong .

There are several advantages of this job

1. Flexible working hours and highly hourly price. If you do not like waking up in the morning early, you can arrange your students from late afternoon . Total monthly income is between hkd 30k to hkd 60 k a month on average, based on information that  I got from tutors I know well .

2. Meaningful job . When you meet the right students who really follow your instruction and want to learn with you, you will feel your job is very meaningful. You can use teaching material and teaching methods you like. But when you are in a day school or teaching center, you will got to teach with a lot of limitations

I have seen tutors who used to be investment banker, lawyers and even doctors. They told me they could not find meaning and satisfaction in their jobs so they chose to be full time English tutors. I wowed when I heard that. Those are dreamy jobs for the majority of people in Hong Kong.



1.  Some students may cancel lessons with short notice and they do not want to compensate you . If this happens once or twice, you got to be careful .  You should consider telling parents or students this will affect your income and if they cancel with less than 3 days of notice , they should pay x % of the lessons’ fee. If they cancel with less than 24 hours of notice , they should pay x % of the lessons’ fee .

2. Travelling from one family to another is time consuming. You can consider taking students who are 20 to 30 mins away from your place . In the beginning, this will make it hard to get enough students. But once you have enough students, you will realize your time can  be much more efficiently spent . You may have 6 to 8 teaching hours in a day.


Overall speaking, being a native English tutor in Hong Kong is a rewarding job, no matter mentally and financially. But you must really treat your students seriously and prepare for every lesson.Students can easily tell if a tutor is well prepared.








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What do native English tutors do in daytime ?

Some parents ask what our native English tutors do in Hong Kong in daytime?

Based on our 14 years of observation ,  most of them (around 60%) have a non-teaching job in daytime . They are good for teaching business English because they are in the commercial world and know the updated terms and concepts.

20% of them are full time private English tutors. They travel to different places to teach students English face to face.

10% of them are students in high school and university.

10% of them are full time English teachers in day schools, local or international .

If you need to hire a native English tutor, pls whatspps us at 59886364

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