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Eleanor # 6168

General English,Interview English,Creative/Dramatic English

Hi! I am Ellie, a 22 year old from London, England I am a native English speaker and have taught full time at a Hong Kong...

Kristiene # 6167

General English,English Phonetics

Hello, my name is Kristiene but I am usually called Krissy. I am 22 years old and currently a working student. I work as a Part Time Teacher...

Rachel # 6166

General English,Business English,Interview English,Creative/Dramatic English,English Phonetics

My name is Rachel I am a native English teacher from London. I have a bachelors degree from Hull university and TEFL certificate. I am a ded...

Shauna # 6165

General English,English Phonetics

My name is Shauna, I'm a 20 year old native speaker. I got an A in English in my Leaving Certificate two years ago. The Irish leavin...

Andy Chiu Kwan # 6164

General English

Nabdeep # 6163

General English,Creative/Dramatic English,English Phonetics

Hello. I'm Nabdeep who is very passionate about teaching kids and spending time with them. I am currently studying at Marymount Secondary Sc...

I like children very much, and I'm a cheerful and optimistic person. I like listen to people and share my experience with my students.

Michela # 6160

General English,Business English,Interview English,Italian,Creative/Dramatic English

If you are looking to learn to speak Italian, or need help with your English, then I'd love to help you.  I'm originall...

angus # 6159

IB Maths,IB Biology

Peigi # 6158

General English,Interview English,Creative/Dramatic English,English Phonetics,English Literature

My name is Peigi (Peggy), I am a Hong Kong born, freelance native English and Art teacher. Experienced in teaching one of one and i...

Attiyyah # 6157

General English,English Phonetics,English IPA (International Pronunciation Alphabet)

fadia # 6155

General English

I am an Italian native mother tongue teacher. I have a bachelor in Italian Letterature which is the requirement to teach Italian to Itali...

Mike # 6153

General English,Business English,Interview English,English Phonetics,Korean,English Literature

My name is Mike, I'm originally from Korea but I have been living in Asia for quite a long time! I am 3rd year student at CUHK and I gradua...

Jennifer # 6152

General English,Creative/Dramatic English,English Phonetics

I’m a qualified TEFL teacher with over 3 years experience in teaching young learners....

Eric # 6151

General English,Mandarin

With 5 years of tutoring experience in Mathematics, Mandarin, and English, I know how to teach students in a fun way. I have students fro...

Eric # 6150

General English,Mandarin

Hi! My name is Brendan and I'm a college student in the United States majoring in Math and Chemistry. I'm here for three mon...

Akshay # 6148

General English

Hi, I'm Akshay and I'm currently a final year mechanical engineering student at HKUST. I competed my secondary school in India and only move...

Derek # 6147

General English,Creative/Dramatic English,English Literature

Hi! My name is Derek, born and raised in Hong Kong, I speak English, Cantonese, and Chinese Mandarin fluently. I'm curr...

Yolanda # 6146


My name is Yolanda, 40 years old and mother of 3. I was born to Spanish parents but was brought up and educated in France, and spe...

JOYLYN # 6145

General English

Hi everyone!, Ma'am & Sir: How are you everyone, I am Joy,  at your service. I am here for this site as your online tutor....

Isabella # 6144

General English,Interview English,Creative/Dramatic English,English Phonetics,English IPA (International Pronunciation Alphabet)

Tiffany # 6143

General English,Interview English,English Literature

Shinhen # 6142

General English,Business English,Interview English,Creative/Dramatic English,English Phonetics

Dear client, My Name is Shinhen but everyone ends up calling me Shin!  I am a native english speaker that...

David # 6141

General English,Interview English,English Phonetics

Hi, I am David and I am a recent graduate from an international school in Hong Kong. I noticed that a lot of people are not confident in Eng...

Ayden # 6140

General English,Business English,Spanish,Interview English,English Phonetics

    I have almost seven years’ teaching experience, teaching a range of ages, abilities and nationalities. The son of&nbsp...

DongHyun # 6139

General English,Korean

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's in Social Sciences from University Of Hong Kong. I completed 7 AP Programs (US-History, Language &a...

Elisha # 6138

General English,English Phonetics

Hello!!! My name is Elisha, a bubbly, friendly and  highly energetic individual.  As a recent high school/ secondary...

Italian teacher with many years of experience, at all levels. 

William # 6136

General English,Business English

A highly motivated individual that is eager to teach students and help them improve their english speaking skills and any materials rela...

Linda # 6135


Currently a part time italian tutor in Hong Kong for 2 years. I had learned my italian in Italy (Firenze) and finished my 3-year sc...

Lily # 6134

General English

Hello there, I was born and raised in Hong Kong and love meeting people around. I would love to help students building confidence in...

Lohith # 6133

General English

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's in Integrated Business from University Of Hong Kong after completing my Cambridge AS/A Levels examinat...

Riddhi # 6132

General English,English Phonetics,English Literature

To whomever this may concern,  I am Riddhi , a 17 year old (soon-to-be 18), who has recently graduated. I have just given m...

Dear Madam or Sir, my name is Ute and for more than two years I have been working as a German private tutor in HK. Already in Germa...

Abigail # 6130

General English

Hi everyone! My name is Abigail but you can call me Abi for short. I am a native English speaker and love working with people of all ages an...

I was raised and educated in German till my undergraduate studies.  I came to Hong Kong in 2012 and enrolled in a master degree of E...

Hello Everyone! Pietro here, 40 years old from Italy.  I've lived in China for more than 10 years, and on Feb 2014 I mov...

David # 6127

General English,Business English,Interview English,Creative/Dramatic English,English Phonetics,English Literature

I'm a highly qualified and very experienced teacher of English language and literature. I have an M. Phil. in English from HKU, as well a...

Chaman # 6126

General English

Andrea # 6124

General English

to be added

Hello, my name is PoShan and I was born and grown up in Germany. I came to Hong Kong 7 years ago. I am a German and Cantonese nativ...

Tanya # 6122

General English,Interview English

Hi there, My name is Tanya and I am from Hong Kong. I have both American and Chinese parents thus I speak both English and Cantonese a...

Goldie # 6121

General English

Yu # 6120


HI, I am Shirley. I lived in Japan for about 10 more years, can teach Japanese from beginning to advanced levels including gra...

Ajita # 6119

General English

Sneha # 6118

General English,Business English,Interview English,Creative/Dramatic English

Hi! I am a year 4 medical student at CUHK with 4+ years of tutoring experience. I have experience in teaching IB, SAT, IGSCE and intervie...

Simran # 6117

General English

Lisa # 6116

General English,German

Hi, my name is Lisa, a native German speaking teacher. I have a Bachelor degree in German linguistics and a Master degree in Internationa...