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Nationality American
Gender Male
Age 26-30 Years
Rates $500-$550
Job Type Part time job or full time job
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Location Sai Ying Pun
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Self Introducion

Hello, my name is Enrico, although almost everyone calls me nicknames due to my friendliness and charisma. I moved to Hong Kong almost four years ago from San Francisco, California.

I am a business owner, tutor and academic consultant on a full-time basis and very much enjoy what I do. I am very passionate about working with people and engaging in debates and discussions. Teaching languages and academic subjects, something that began during the last few years of my secondary education and continued throughout my college years, has become my career, together with giving advice on communication and marketing strategies for businesses. Once upon a time I imagined I would become a university professor, but times change and while academia is a worthy and noble profession, my skills have proven to be more fitting to the versatile combination of an education professional and an entrepreneur that I now embody.

For almost a decade, I have tutored people from many diverse backgrounds and age groups, developing a keen sense for the reasons why learning is often found uninteresting or otherwise unfulfilling. That insight has enriched from my time in Hong Kong, where I have come to understand the needs and the specific difficulties with English language training of the local population. Since founding my company, I have advised local learning centers and institutions on how to better develop and implement their English curricula, together with strategies for recruiting and training their teaching staff. My work has put me in direct and indirect touch with students at every stage of the academic journey, from toddlers to kindergarteners to secondary school youths, all the way to university graduates. Besides being well-versed in the Hong Kong curricula (and its many variants), I have developed an intimate knowledge of all the major overseas curricula, including American curricula (SAT, AP), British curricula (GCSE/IGCSE, A-levels), and International curricula (IB). Taken together, this breath of expertise has made me naturally savvy in providing admissions and school-choice counselling to prospective students and families for overseas study.

Before returning to education, I held several positions in sales, marketing and insurance at transnational corporations from North America and Europe. That together with my own perspectives as a business owner have enriched my approach towards coaching on Business English and Sales/Marketing. I have found that it is a sharp business acumen, rather than any particular teaching qualification, what has allowed me to add the most value to my professional clients. Moreover, due to its popularity, I have refined my style of coaching pronunciation to complement it with theory and phonics so that my students can benefit afterhours through self-practice and improve naturally by gaining a "better ear" for the language.

Yet despite all of above, my success would not be lasting without a dose of empathy and the gift of being an engaging communicator.  As all of my long-standing clients know, a great tutor is more than just a nationality (very overrated in Hong Kong) and a set of paper qualifications. When the going gets tough, I remind myself that I have also been a learner of foreign languages and thus understand the frustration my students feel and the steep climbs present in the language learning curve. Besides native English, I speak fluent Spanish, good Italian and am currently learning (very slowly) Mandarin. My mantra is to encourage independent learning and true interest for the subjects I teach, by making them approachable and relatable to my students' daily lives.

I would be delighted to provide you with more detailed information on my methods. Should you be interested in any of my services, please contact me for a free initial consultation. I hope we can build a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship!

Areas of Specialty

Besides teaching English to Hong Kong students and adults, I have taught extensively to Chinese, Korean and Japanese nationals. I have taught the Cambridge curriculum for three years, particularly the Young Learners English (YLE) syllabi and IELTS test preparation courses, for which I have authored a study guide with a thorough review of grammar.

I speak Spanish naturally and besides teaching the subject with both Spanish and English as media of instruction, I can translate and interpret even highly legal or technical content. Other subjects I can tutor include Mathematics, Sciences, World History & Geography, Economics & Business, and Literature. You may also request my assistance with writing or editing admission essays, résumés, and promotional materials.

I offer a one-stop comprehensive college search and application consultancy.