Maria Lourdes

General English, Business English, English Phonics, English Literature

Tutor ID4499
Nationality Filipino
Gender Female
Age 31-35 Years
Rates $300-$350/ hr
Job TypePart time job or full time job
SpecializeKindergarten students,Primary students,Secondary students,Adult students
Location North Point/Braemar Hill
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Self Introducion

I grew up using two languages , my mother tongue Filipino and English. I came from a family of teachers and medical professionals. I am the eldest of 3 children and have two other sisters. I seem to be the smartest child in the family because I was always in the star or first section until high school and maintained good class standing up until my 3rd year in the University. I am a full time housewife and a part time online English teacher . I find teaching a more rewarding job compared to my previous work in the call center industry. I love reading books of different genre and I am also fond of watching American television dramas.  English is an ever evolving language so we need to learn new phrases and expressions all the time. I like to facilitate fun but productive sessions with more interaction than one way method of teaching. In my experience, students' remember lesson better if you make the topics relevant to their daily lives or profession.Through seemingly conversations, students are actually reviewing and apply their grammar knowledge using different sentence patterns to convey their ideas or experiences. Giving constructive feedback instead of excessive corrections increases the confidence of the student in speaking.  When choosing lesson materials, I involve the student in the decision making so that we can customize lessons to achieve their learning goals.