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Self Introducion

Hello, こんにちは, and Bonjour. My name is Rebecca and I am a Canadian English Teacher working at a school here in Hong Kong. 

I studied Creative Writing in University and am a published writer, so my grasp of the subtleties of English grammar and phrases in one of my strong suits. I am a good editor and critiquer for resumes and written reports, as well as a clear conversation partner, since I speak standard North American English. 

I have studied many languages in my life, and am now fluent in Japanese, and an intermediate level French speaker. I understand many of the problems and difficulties associated with learning languages and I have the experience to draw on to help students overcome these difficulties. 

As a side note, I am also more than happy to teach Japanese as well. I studied Japanese for a number of years before attending Waseda University in Tokyo for a year. 日本語を5年間ぐらい勉強して、東京の早稲田大学も一年間通っていました。日本語を勉強したいなら、ぜひ連絡してください. 日本語で英語を教えることも出来ます。

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