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    Full Time Teacher in Primary School (International)

Self Introducion

Friendly British Tutor

Hello, I'm Ca, a British Teacher based in Shatin.


  • 6 years’ experience in Hong Kong, the UK, Taiwan, Malaysia and Argentina
  • Taught as Homeroom Teacher in Fairview International School, Malaysia
  • Masters degree in Applied Linguistics and TESOL
  • Diploma and Certificate in English Language Teaching
  • Certified Tutor of the International Tutor Association

Student Testimonial - business English

I am 34 years old. CA has been my private tutor for 2 years. She is a passionate, patient and energetic teacher. CA uses a lot of methods to help me to learn the language. I couldn't communicate with foreign guests before tutoring and couldn't follow the overseas orders. Now I can communicate with foreign guests, follow orders and increase my job opportunities.

Student Testimonial - Primary School

I am the father of a 10-year-old boy, Dereck. He went to International school in Hong Kong. I planned to send him to UK for 11+ test, however his reading comprehension and writing skills were not sufficient to pass the test. I asked for Ms. Ca Roberson to help Dereck to achieve the goal one year before the tests. Ca is an enthusiastic, well-experienced and patient teacher, she is never later for any lessons. She got along well with Dereck at the first lesson. Ca made a vivid impression every weekend through exercises, movies, plays and games, Dereck really enjoyed it. His marks continue improving during Ca’s direction. Finally after 12 months, Dereck achieved entry to his target school in London. I am very happy with and proud of what he has achieved, and really appreciate Ca’s efforts to conduct valuable lessons every week. I highly recommend Ca’s lesson for kids who need to improve English capabilities, especially in reading and writing lessons.

Student Testimonial -High School

CA has been tutoring my 14 year old son in year 9 English for 12 months. He has really enjoyed the tutorials. She covered all the core aspects of the curriculum including grammar, an important and often omitted topic. She has maintained my son's attention and interest using discussion-based learning, interactive games, current affairs topics and critical writing exercises. I would gladly recommend her as a tutor who uses non-traditional methods to make the learning environment stimulating.


I will prepare interesting materials to make lessons interactive and fun. Classes concentrate on what you need to learn to achieve your learning goals, whether that be negotiation skills or how to overcome habitual mispronunciation. Classes will give you confidence to interact with English speakers from around the world.

Education, Tutoring Experience,Specialties & Preference

Highest Education: Master Degree
Major in University/College: Language:,Spanish,Education,Humanity/Social science/History/Philosophy, etc
1-to-1 Tutoring Experience: 6-10 years
I Have Tutored These On 1 to 1 Basis:

Child Aged 0 - 5

√ General English

√ Letterland Phonics

√ RWI Phonics

√ Cambridge English

Child Aged 6 – 12

√ General English

√ Spanish

√ Story Telling

√ Creative Writing

√ Formal Writing

√ Letterland Phonics

√ RWI Phonics

√ Cambridge English

√ Trinity English

Teenager Aged 13 – 18

√ General English

√ Spanish

√ English Literature

√ IELTS Exam Preparation

√ IGCSE Exam Preparation

√ IB Exam Preparation


√ General English

√ Spanish

√ Business English

√ Job Interview Skills

Tutoring Specialties: Reading Comprehension, Grammar, General Writing, Creative Writing, Business Writing Teacher, General Oral, Letterland Phonics, RWI Phonics, Listening, English Literature, Cambridge English Teacher, Trinity English, IELTS, TOELT, IB, IGCSE
Preferred Type of Students: Adult students

Subject of Tutoring And Other Services I Can Provide

Language: General English, Business English, Spanish, English Phonics, English Literature
Maths & Science:
Business: International Business, General Management
Other services :

Tutoring Timetable

Not Available
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This tutor's timetable has not been updated for quite a while. It is outdated. If you select this tutor, there is low chance this tutor can teach you at some of the available tutoring time slots below. You are advised to select other tutors with more updated timetable to avoid being disappointed unless you have a very flexible schedule yourself.
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17個學生上了堂, 很喜歡CA

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