General English,Business English,Interview English,Creative/Dramatic English,English Phonetics,English Literature

Tutor ID6222
Nationality Filipino
Gender Female
Age 19-25 Years
Rates $400-$450
Job Type Part time job only
Specialize No preference
Location Jordan/King's Park
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Self Introducion

Greetings, sir/madam,

I am Kimberly, a recent graduate of a local secondary school in Hong Kong and a holder of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE). As an opportunist, I do not hesitate to wholly accept opportunities given to me in order to gain broad and essential experience for future purposes. It is an objective of mine to utilize such opportunities to enrich my knowledge in diverse industries. 

Regarding my strengths, I am able to efficiently take up multiple responsibilities as a communicator with excellent management and interpersonal communication skills. I also have the ability to work well under pressure so that the quality of my work maintains its stability despite interference. Furthermore, hectic schedules in secondary school have helped me develop my time management skills. This enables me to handle tight schedules with more ease. 

One of my hobbies is doing art in different forms--be it in the form of drawings, videos, song compositions or creative writing. I enjoy expressing myself in abstract ways by utilizing my talents in media design and creativity. Besides art, I enjoy doing several different sports. I was a member of the basketball team, volleyball team and athletics team in secondary school. The teamwork involved really helped my improve my communication skills. 

Finally, it is my short term goal to gain experience in industries involving hospitality and education. In the long term, I hope to attain a degree in psychology and work as a counselor.