General English,English Phonetics Pokfulam/Wah Fu/Cyberport

Self Introducion

My name is Jaz; I was born in New Zealand and moved to Hong Kong when I was 5 years old. I am a permanent resident in Hong Kong and only recently moved to England to pursue my university studies. I moved to England to obtain broader experience of the world and be involved with different cultural groups. As I moved to Hong Kong at a very young age, I have been immersed in a different culture (than my own) and can successfully communicate with individuals from all walks of life. 

After my full ESF education in Hong Kong, I took a gap year and worked as an Educational Assistant in Southside Kindergarten. I helped the students with phonics, basic maths, art, and playtime. Wherever the teachers needed a helping hand I would happily assist. I would also work longer hours during playgroup when an extra hand was needed with the younger children.

I thoroughly enjoy working with children and allowing them to progress in the future and development as individuals.

Tutor Information

  • Tutor ID:#6228
  • Name:Jaz
  • Rating:
  • Nationality: New Zealander
  • Gender: Female
  • Age:19-25 years
  • Rates:$450-$500
  • Job Type:Part time job or full time job
  • Specialize: Kindergarten students,Primary students
  • Location: Pokfulam/Wah Fu/Cyberport