General English,Interview English,Creative/Dramatic English,English Phonetics

Tutor ID7302
Nationality Others
Gender Female
Age 19-25 Years
Rates $400-$450
Job Type Part time job or full time job
Specialize Kindergarten students,Primary students,Secondary students,Adult students
Location Tung Chung
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Self Introducion

Hi there! 

My name is Dora and I'm from Croatia. I've been in Hong Kong for around 5 years now and I plan to stay. I have two passions very close to my heart, those are : children and fitness. I've been teaching in Hong Kong almost 3 years now, mainly English but sometimes also sport activities and DIY classes. 

I love working with children and teaching them not only given subject, but also social skills and letting them enjoy it! My other passion is fitness, so on the days that I'm not teaching, you can find me at the gym coaching! I'm currently also studying my Bachelor degree in Human Nutirtion and Dietetics. I have taught in learning centres, kindergartens and primary schools across Hong Kong.

 I do my very best to be a teacher who is also a friend and somebody students can look up to and find insipration, make a difference in their schooling lives. I learn fast and I'm always open to new things. Teaching through Hong Kong has taught me a lot and given me so much nice memories and advenutres. I hope to continue to inspire, teach and create memories with more and more children! :)