John F.

General English,Business English,Interview English,Creative/Dramatic English,English Phonetics,English IPA,English Literature

Tutor ID7766
Nationality British
Gender Male
Age 51 or above Years
Rates $400-$450
Job Type Part time job or full time job
Specialize No preference
Location Quarry Bay
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Self Introducion

John works diligently to assist students to continuously improve their English grades; he is an enthusiastic, lively and humorous English teacher 

Editing/correcting business English via WhatsApp & email is a major part of his work. He works with clients who need to write in grammatically correct English in their jobs/in their businesses. He edits their messages/emails/reports etc.

With all students, he strives to build a respect and love for words, and especially to build a strong desire to enlarge their English vocabularies, & to improve their fluency in English 

He works hard to achieve the intellectual growth of each student. He motivates students so that their English learning becomes an enjoyable part of lives. He is an adept communicator with both students and with their parents.

He is experienced in teaching youngsters on the autistic spectrum & with Asperger's syndrome.

He travels to students' homes to tutor.

He has an office close to Chai Wan MTR Station where he can tutor.