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Tutor ID8243
Nationality Chinese-Hong Konger
Gender Female
Age 26-30 Years
Rates $600-$650
Job Type Part time job or full time job
Specialize Kindergarten students,Primary students,Secondary students,Adult students
Location Shatin
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Self Introducion

Hello! This is Sukie. I'm a musician, singer-song writer and an educator. I have been working in the music industry and teaching for 10 years. I teach every age of students. Most of them are learning classical piano or pop music for long term. Lately I also have some short term students who only want to learn a song on their weddings or for a special gift to someone in their lives. And I also feel that they are very sweet to do that to create a special gift. 

I give lessons for exams (Piano exam and Theory exam) and also accompany for the vocals and all kinds of instruments. And give lessons on aural training skills, sight reading skills. 

Beside of teaching, I'm an accompanist and a concert pianist perform in concert hall and theatres. The past 8 years, I did more than 20 aria concerts /operatic concerts in HK and US and more than 10 instruments solo concert on the piano accompaniment in HK. I also play on media and lounge regular gigs as a musician. 
For me, music is a our 'oxygen' in life. That's why I can do this for many years and will keep doing this as long as I live. And I'm happy that my students are happy having music in their lives too. And I hope you enjoy the music too.