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Self Introducion


My name is Valerie Cheng, and I'm a year 12 (form 6 - 2018, form 7 - 2019) student freshly starting IB in the ESF international school Sha Tin College. English is my first language, as I've never been able to catch onto/speak Chinese properly. Unfortunately, my Chinese isn't as polished as I'd like it to be, so if you do not understand conversational English, I may not be the tutor for you. 

I'm a left-handed harpist, 5'2", and probably the juxtaposition of intimidating or unapproachable. Hopefully you'll get to know more about me if I get the privilege of teaching  

Recently I've completed the IGCSE course (still in the ~2 month wait process for my final grades though), but throughout the course I have realized many many passions, such as my newfound passion and love for my languages I've learned: English and French. IGCSE has also taught me many meaningful skills such as patience and resilience, which may prove very useful for the future.

One more thing - I'm tutoring with one ulterior motive: to be able to raise extra money for studying law abroad in the UK!

Tutor Information

  • Tutor ID:#8533
  • Name:Valerie
  • Rating:
  • Nationality: Chinese-Hong Konger
  • Gender: Female
  • Age:18 or below years
  • Rates:$350-$400
  • Job Type:Part time job only
  • Specialize: Primary students
  • Location: Tai Po