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    Causeway Bay
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    Part Time Private Tutor,Part Time Job Holder (Non – Education)
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    Part Time Job Holder (Non – Education),Full Time Student

Self Introducion

Ally - Qualified native English teacher

Hello! I'm Ally.

I'm originally from the UK, but now call Hong Kong my home.

I'm an enthusiastic, creative, and organized native English teacher, who loves working with both children and adults.

As a teacher, I like to find new ways for my students to engage with the English language. I use activities, conversations, and real-life materials to keep my lessons interesting and relevant; and use games and songs with younger learners to make speaking English fun!

I am also happy to edit and improve your business English reports and communications in person, or via e-mail.

Before I was a teacher, I used to read the news on the radio and was a journalist with CNN, so I specialize in spoken and written English. That also means I love meeting new people and finding out their stories and how I can help them!

I have a Masters Degree in Radio, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English literature, and a trinity CertTESOL Teaching Certificate. I currently teach 10-12 year old's Bible Studies and creative arts, as well as provide 1-to-1 tutoring for children and adults.

Get in touch to see how I can help you improve your, or your child's, English!

Education, Tutoring Experience,Specialties & Preference

Highest Education: Master Degree
Major in University/College: English Literature,Journalism
1-to-1 Tutoring Experience: 1-2 years
I Have Tutored These On 1 to 1 Basis:

x I Have Not Tutored Child Aged 0 – 5 On One On One Basis

Child Aged 6 – 12

√ General English

√ Drama English

Teenager Aged 13 – 18

√ General English

√ Creative Writing


√ General English

√ Business English

√ International Pronunciation Alphabet

Tutoring Specialties: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Building, Grammar, General Writing, Creative Writing, Business Writing Teacher, Job Interview Skills, General Oral, Social Chit Chat English, Pronunciation, Debate, IPA, Listening, English Literature
Preferred Type of Students: Kindergarten students, Primary students, Secondary students, Adult students

Subject of Tutoring And Other Services I Can Provide

Language: General English, Business English, Interview English, Creative/Dramatic English, English Literature
Maths & Science:
Business: Career Planning/Interview Skills, Marketing & Advertising
Other services : Proof-reading (e.g. proof-read resumes), Copy-writing

Tutoring Timetable

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