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Self Introducion

UCLA Graduate, prefer to teach English to P.1-6

Hi, my name is Francesca and I have been both a native English and Cantonese speaker my whole life.

I have a bachelor's degree of psychology with a 3.8 CGPA from UCLA, specializing in child psychology, and will be studying for a Master's degree at UCL in London in 2019 September.

I am great with children, and love to introduce fun ways to learn languages.

Previously, I studied at German Swiss International School in Hong Kong and did GCSEs and A-Levels. For GCSE I got both A* for English Literature and English Language.

I am confident that I will be able to supplement your child in revising and learning English, and would love a chance to see his or her textbooks to further prepare for each class.

I am also fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, and am proficient in German and Japanese.

Education, Tutoring Experience,Specialties & Preference

Highest Education: Bachelor Degree
Major in University/College: Psychology,Child psychology
1-to-1 Tutoring Experience: 1-2 years
I Have Tutored These On 1 to 1 Basis:

Child Aged 0 - 5

√ General English

√ German

√ Japanese

√ General Mathematics

√ Story Telling

√ Creative Writing

√ Speech Skills (e.g. for speech festival)

Child Aged 6 – 12

√ General English

√ General Mathematics

√ Story Telling

√ Creative Writing

√ Speech Skills (e.g. for speech festival)

Teenager Aged 13 – 18

√ General English

√ English Literature

√ Creative Writing

√ Formal Writing

√ International Pronunciation Alphabet

√ Speech Skills (e.g. for speech festival)

x I Have Not Tutored Adult On One On One Basis

I've Taught Students From:
Primary School: Bradbury School , Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division , Diocesan Girls' Junior School , Diocesan Preparatory School , German Swiss International School
Tutoring Specialties: Reading Comprehension, Grammar, General Writing, Creative Writing, General Oral, Social Chit Chat English, Listening
Preferred Type of Students: Kindergarten students, Primary students

Subject of Tutoring And Other Services I Can Provide

Language: General English, Business English, Creative/Dramatic English, Japanese, English IPA, English Literature
Maths & Science: General Maths
Sports: Squash, Wakeboard
Other services : Translation, Interpretation, Proof-reading (e.g. proof-read resumes), Counseling

Tutoring Timetable

Not Available
Have Lessons That Can Be Easily Rescheduled
This tutor's timetable has not been updated for quite a while. It is outdated. If you select this tutor, there is low chance this tutor can teach you at some of the available tutoring time slots below. You are advised to select other tutors with more updated timetable to avoid being disappointed unless you have a very flexible schedule yourself.
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