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Self Introducion


I grew up in Australia and did my Bachelor's degree in Australia, and Master's degree in London, United Kingdom. I am a native English speaker.

For children --

I have experience tutoring young children up to 12 years old in English & Maths in either group settings or also 1-1 too. I enjoy helping kids with reading comprehension, grammar & spelling too and helping them explore ways in which they can learn English in a fun & engaging manner.

I am also fluent in Cantonese & Mandarin (written and spoken) so have a good understanding of how children sometimes structure their sentences in reverse (according to Chinese structures). 

For adults --
I am very strong in professional Business written English and am able to help you understand how to deal with day-to-day emails & verbal communication (for the workplace). I have experience helping people prepare for interviews and understanding how to phrase questions/sentences differently to achieve different outcomes.

Tutor Information

  • Tutor ID:#8859
  • Name:Yan
  • Rating:
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Gender: Female
  • Age:26-30 years
  • Rates:$550-$600
  • Job Type:Part time job only
  • Specialize: No preference
  • Location: North Point/Braemar Hill