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10 English learning activities

As a parent you have a number of responsibilities to your child. One of the major responsibilities that you have is to help your child with development of their English language skills. There are plenty of activities that you can carry out in your own home that will help with their skills. Not only are they fun but they will also help with the development of your relationship with a child.

1.      One of the best activities you can carry out with your child is ‘role play’. The idea here is to increase the child’s creativity in the English language. This role play could come in the form of asking your child to make up a short ‘play’ or have conversations with them.

2.       Read a book with them! This will not only help develop their English skills but will also spur them on to read in their own time.

3.       Flash Cards. This is one of the ‘Go To’ activities for learning a language. You can purchase flash cards from a shop or make them yourself.

4.       Head Online. There are plenty of online ‘activities’ that are designed for improving the English language. Make sure you supervise your child at all times whilst they are learning online, this will help keep them safe as well as having you on hand to help with any problems that they may encounter.

5.       If your child is a bit more advanced then you can attempt something called a ‘Jumble Puzzle’. This is where you mix up letters and the child has to put them into order to form a word. This will help with their spelling and help to drill vocabulary into their mind.

6.       Test your child whenever possible throughout the day on English vocabulary. This could include asking them to identify clothing or add up English numbers on the fly. Of course, you need to give them some sort of encouragement to win this ‘game’ and therefore candy as a reward should be fine!

7.       If your child is ‘advanced’ then grab a crossword generator online. Mix up a few well known English words and ask your child to find them. To make the game a bit more intense you should give the child a time limit in which to complete it by.

8.       Memory Games! Have a word on one card, the picture on the other. The idea of this memory game is to find the word that matches up with the picture. Intense amounts of fun for the child. They won’t even know that they are learning.

9.       One of the more popular activities is to make up songs about the English language with your child. Ideal if your child has a very ‘visual’ way of remembering words. If you don’t think you have the talent to write your own basic song then you can head online and there are plenty out there for you.

10.   Vocabulary quizzes. What you need to do is give a description of something and ask your child to write down what it is in English. Extra points for spelling! Of course you should reward them if they get over a certain score.

Not all children will find all the activities above fun. It is suggested that you try all of them out to find which one ‘clicks’ with your child. They are sure to find at least one activity fun and thus you should work on these ones as often as possible to help them with their education.

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