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10 amazing secrets to have a happy family

Experts uncover the critical components to have a happy family

From the Partridge Family and Brady Bunch to the Cunninghams, Cosbys and Cleavers, the video images of delighted households have dawned our TV screens for decades. All of us have concepts about exactly what they ought to be like.

Does your family fit the picture of a happy household? If not, don't lose hope. The website, WebMD is now giving us a number of the keys to a joyful household. You, too, could experience some of this household happiness that you thought was only occurred for families on television.


Happy Family Tip  No. 1: Make the Marriage the Number One Priority

Boteach states "set a real example of love," and further expounds by saying "The relationship and marital relationship should proceed."   Just picture the marriages of Cliff and Claire from the Cosby Show and Carol and Mike from the Brady Bunch.

In many households the children constantly precede, states Boteach. They in essence are the substitute love providers, he states that a child should not have this type of pressure put on their shoulders and not good for families in general. He furthermore states the pressure on the children will drive them away and leave the nest as soon as possible.


Happy Family Tip No. 2: Eat Together.

Households that eat meals together will stay together. It's that easy and Boteach says that eating meals together is essential and there should be a minimum weekly requirement of eating at least four dinners per week together.


Happy Family Tip No. 3: Play Together.

Boteach writes that there should be a few unifying activities the family should do every night.  This can be playing catch in the backyard, reading nursery rhymes to small children or reading through a few pages of novel to a child who is older.


Happy Family Tip No. 4: Do Not Yell

According to Boteach in order for kids to prosper they need security and stability and therefore the home must be calm. Children need structure and when they violate the parent’s rules they will be punished.  But at the same time stay calm and even tempered.  Yelling at children demonstrates a lack of control and creates an unstable environment.


Happy Family Tip No. 5 Don't Fight When the Children are Present

TV viewers never ever truly saw Mike and Carol Brady fight?   While there is some bickering or fighting which is unavoidable, attempt to keep it far from the kids, Boteach says if they see parents fighting then they must apologize for doing it in front of them and say you just had a small conflict but everything now is back to normal.


Happy Family Tip No. 6 Don’t Work All the Time

Too much work and no leisure time can grate on a family and make it extremely tedious. Boteach says if you are workaholic and always away from your children, it will breed insecurity in them and not important.


Happy Family Tip No. 7: Encourage Sibling Harmony.

A rivalry between siblings can rip a family apart.   Boteach states that for his own children he constantly tells them how happy they should be for having each other.


Happy Family Tip No. 8: Use inside Jokes

Happy households use inside jokes according to University of Syracuse professor Fiese.  He states this inside humor demonstrates inclusion and belonging to a group and is utilized as a shorthand language for more substantial experiences


Happy Family Tip No. 9: Be Flexible.

Fiese says "This is easier said than done."  As times change your family household will also change and you must accept this as a reality.  Children growing up, marriages, divorces, and death are all components of life and must be accepted and dealt with appropriately.


Happy Family Tip No. 10: Communicate.

Stonehill Collge Associate Professor Rose J. Perkins, EdD, states that a happy household communicate well with each other.Perkins states a happy, well functioning family is where there all members communicate with each other and don't use the mother as the message courier.

She says in happy and secure families, "all the members of family unit are able to communicate openly."


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