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10 fun ways to improve English listening

Listening is one of the most important skills required when learning a language. The majority of people learn a second language from people that speak slowly and for the purposes of education. You will be surprised when you enter the real world however and find that people speak too fast for you to understand them. Luckily there are a number of things that you can do today which will help improve your English listening skills substantially.


1.       The best tip is to go to an English speaking country and become absorbed by the English language. You will be surprised at just how quickly you will be able to pick up on the various accents and dialects. You will even learn a lot of new words. Sadly whilst fun this option is out of the budget of many people.


2.       Watch English TV & Movies. There are plenty of these being shown all the time, however if you simply cannot find something that doesn’t interest you then head online. There are plenty of English speaking videos out there.


3.       Head online and find friends! Whilst there may be a few unsavoury characters out there you will find many more people that are actually willing to help you practice your listening skills. This has the duel benefit of also helping you improve your speaking skills as well.


4.       Listen to English radio shows and podcasts. This is ideal if you have a particular love for a certain type of music. Websites such as should be able to help you out here.


5.       Obviously books will improve your reading skills. However why not try to obtain the ‘audio’ version of the book. You will quickly find that you become absorbed in the story and will easily be able to pick up the meaning of the words. You can listen to these books wherever you take your MP3 player and it is a good way to improve your listening whilst ‘on the go’.


6.       Listen to more English songs. Sure, most songs are a little slow but you will be able to grasp the meanings and find out ways in which different words are ‘said’. It is also incredibly fun and something that can be done at any time of the day. You will be surprised at how quickly you can sing along to songs because you recognise all of the words.


7.       Do a couple of ‘listening’ exercises and make notes. There are plenty of free ones out there on the internet; alternatively you can often find them bundled with text books. Try to improve your ‘score’ each time and it quickly becomes a game. The fun comes from the fact that you know you are improving your language skills.


8.       Communicate with friends that are also trying to learn the language. You won’t get the accent perfect but it is a good way to learn at the beginning. If you are advanced enough then you could set time aside where you only speak English.


9.       Listen to the news in English. This is slightly different to watching ‘movies’ as you will find that the newsreaders speak in a more natural tone of voice. You may find some words difficult to understand at the start however. It is suggested that if you find a word difficult to understand that you write it down. Often the same words appear time and time again on the news and this will help you build up vocabulary.


10.   Never stop listening to English. You will want to absorb yourself in the language as much as possible. You will improve your language skills drastically if you listen almost 24/7 to English for a number of weeks. You don’t even need to leave the country to do this as the ability to listen is almost everywhere you look.


If you follow just a few of these tips then you will be well on your way to improving your English listening skills. The key really is to listen to as much English as possible being spoken by a native speaker. Only that way will you be able to pick up on the rhythms and patterns of speech

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