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10 fun ways to improve English oral/spoken English in Hong Kong

English is an absolutely fascinating language, which is why many people every day are looking for an English tutor in Hong Kong. The problem is that the sounds that are utilised in English are incredibly different to the ones that you are currently using in your everyday life; therefore you will want to improve your speaking as quickly as possible. In this article I give you the top 10 fun ways in which you can improve your spoken English, following these tips and you will find that your speaking technique comes on in leaps and bounds. Let’s take a little look.

1.       Read out loud an article that interests you. If you find that you love music then find articles written in English on music. Try to inject a bit of ‘drama’ into your voice and you will eventually find that your confidence in speaking the language and in turn the way you utilise the language will improve dramatically.

2.       Imitate other speakers of English, well native English speakers and those that have mastered the language already. There are plenty of TV shows that you can watch as well as head to various online websites and take a little look at the language. Repeat the sentences out loud and try to really ‘grasp’ all the sounds that you are hearing.

3.       Have regular conversations in English, you will really be surprised at how much benefit this can have on your language skills. You need to force yourself to speak English, so don’t try slipping between the two languages.

4.       Sing songs! If you are good at singing then you can sing out loud. When you sing in tune your accent is virtually eliminated, and you of course can use the skills to pass into your general speaking of English.

5.       Learn the Phonetic Alphabet, this is the way in which the letters ‘sound’, your English tutor should be able to help you with this. This is one of the best ways in which you can use to improve your English speaking.

6.       Hire a English tutor in Hong Kong. They will be able to provide you with all the stuff that you need in order to improve your English communication substantially. If you gel with their personality then it will be incredibly fun as well.

7.       Listen to a lot of English Radio and watch English TV. The intention here isn’t to ‘repeat’ what you hear, but the rhythm patterns of the speech will eventually ingrain themselves on your mind and you will find that you begin to use these patterns subconsciously when the time does come to speak.

8.       Read a lot of books, this will give you an idea on the sentence structure and even add a few new words to your arsenal which you can use when you speak. Everybody sounds better the more words that they have to play with.

9.       Act! Many people speak English in a fairly monotone way. I suggest that you read plays in English out loud, try to convey the emotion that you read out loud. This is a sure fire way of injecting a bit of personality into your voice.

10.   Finally, immerse yourself in the language. Listen to it and speak it constantly. I know that I mentioned it before briefly, but honestly, the only way in which you can improve your English is by talking English, don’t shy away if you don’t think you are any good, just jump in!


These are just a few of the fun ways in which you can improve your English oral speaking in Hong Kong. I suggest you take a look at just a few, or even all of them. You will find that you will be speaking almost perfect English quite quickly.

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