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10 fun ways to improve English vocabulary in Hong Kong

In order to speak a language you will need to know both about grammar and vocabulary, once you have both of these in place then you are well on your way to knowing how to speak a language with ease. Grammar rules are in the long run fairly easy to pick up, if you know how to do that then you just need to know how to fit words around it. In this article I am going to highlight a few ways in which you can improve your vocabulary and hopefully speak much better English as a result.

1.       Hire an English tutor in Hong Kong. This is perhaps one of the most important tips you can use. It works so well as the tutor will know exactly what words to give you and you have the drive to learn it.

2.       Read a LOT. You will often come across words that you are not quite sure that they mean, therefore you should grab an English Dictionary, find out the meaning and write it down. You will then be able to use these words in the future when the time comes to speak English.

3.       Likewise, you can do the same by listening to the radio or watching TV. This way you will get a feel for what the language sounds like at the same time, don’t forget to repeat the word out loud then put it down in your little book.

4.       Stick little ‘notes’ on items around your household. You will be constantly immersed in the language if you do this.

5.       Try to get a few ‘pen pals’ in English, whether you send them letters or communicate with them over the internet. This will allow you to learn words from them as well as of course improve your written English.

6.       Set yourself a ‘word of the day’. Basically just open up the dictionary on a random page every day and pick a word. Try to incorporate this into your speaking or writing that same day. You will therefore have learned a new word. It may not be the most useful word in the world but it is an incredibly fun thing to do.

7.       Play games! There are plenty of games out there specifically designed to help improve your English Vocabulary. They may seem a little ‘childish’ but don’t fear about that, they will almost certainly help you out in the long run.

8.       Prepare lists of specific vocabulary in a book. For example a list on ‘Kitchen Items’ or ‘Clothing’. I find that it is much easier to learn new words if they are grouped out like this.

9.       Don’t just stick with a boring text dictionary, there are plenty of ‘visual’ ones out there which many people find better, sure they don’t include every word possible, but you will find that you are able to link up the pictures to the word in your mind fairly easily.

10.   Try to create sentences using the new words that you have learned.

These are just a few tips on how to improve your English Vocabulary in Hong Kong. If you take just a few of them on board you will find that your utilisation of the English language will improve considerably. 

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