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10 quick and easy tips for improving your spoken English

Since past few years, it has been observed that English language rules the world and smooth verbal communication in English has the power to change your personality and take you to new heights. Your English speaking experience could be frustrating or enriching and has the potential to make you a winner or a loser in this ruthless world of competition. Though, speaking English is not at all a complex task, if you are inclined to put in efforts and work hard. Don’t fret, as help is at hand. Just read on and follow the 10 points to enhance your English skills and to make your words and phrases flow lucidly.

1.Start thinking in English

It is all about your mind set. If you think in English and engage in conversing in English even for the smallest tasks like from the local train to your shopping list, you will create a winning environment.


2.Never translate from your native language to English
In case you are unaware of the proper sentences or phrases in English, never attempt to translate the same from your native tongue, as it will not help you in learning English and you end up as butt of all jokes, hence it is imperative to find out the specific correct words by reading or even asking someone.



3 speak English whenever you can

Make a practice of speaking English at any given situation, and even if it may sound imperfect at times, do not get flustered. It is similar to driving, where at first the traffic lights or other vehicles will hassle you, but in due course of time and with practice, you will do it easily.


4 Practice complete phrases and sentences rather than focusing on words alone

You must strategize your learning process by focusing on learning new words and using them in the sentence, rather than focusing on learning only new words. The key is to get confident and comfortable while speaking and improving your vocabulary at the same time.



5 Listen to others while they speak in English 
Keep your ears open and form a habit of listening, whether it is radio, TV or a movie or even a colleague or teacher who is a good orator in English, as this’ll improve your pronunciation along with accent skills and it is misconception that reading alone can enhance your language skills.


6. Try forming the same sentence in different ways

You must cultivate a habit of saying the same things differently, as like in other languages, so in English a single sentence can be framed in several ways, without changing the meaning of the content. Developing these skills will help you to form clearer & simpler sentences.


7. Ask someone to correct you while you make mistakes
Ensure that you have someone to correct you if you happen to go wrong, as we all make mistakes; hence it is imperative to have someone to keep a check on your language. It must be noted that speaking it in a wrong manner for a long period of time, will put an impression in the brain and it will be a complex task to wipe them out later.


8. Be Confident

Be confident and motivated. At times you may lose interest, but if you are focused on achieving results however small they may be, it will keep you motivated. Besides this, keep a track of even your smallest achievements and a day will come they will add up to a bigger one- You will master the English language.


9. Don’t complicate things

Keep it straightforward, do not make your life complex by trying to achieve too much in too little time. Reading, spelling, writing, vocabulary, is a process and will take time. You must stay focused on your goal – to speak fluent English and remain focused on your goal at all times.


10. Enjoy the process

You must enjoy the process of learning English just like how you enjoy a fun contest or a race and you’ll reach the end faster. Make it a point to enjoy each one of the moments of the process and if you treat it as a torture, you will make less progress.

You can use these 10 tips wisely to improve your English skills and you will certainly thank and appreciate us when you get the desired results. Please feel free to comment on these tips and give us a feedback of what helped you.


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