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10 things parents should do with children when they are still small

It is well-known that the things that a child experiences when they are younger is going to influence them for the rest of their life. Of course, this is going to be a rather heavy burden on a parent. Don't worry though, giving your child the best experiences early on in their life is rather easy to do. Use this top ten list to provide you with a bit of guidance!


·         Spend as much time with your child as possible. This is absolutely vital. You need to build up your parental bond at an early age. If you don't, this could affect them in a negative way, for example, being unable to forge relationships, or even being disobedient in school.

·         Read to them! Reading to a child whilst they are small is one of the best possible ways for them to learn new words. Studies have also shown that reading at a young age can have an impact on their intelligence and creativity.

·         Talk to your child. Even when they are young, children want to know that their opinion counts, and thus if they are in a position to talk, have a conversation with them. It is important to show them that you are listening and care about them!

·         Educate them! This means visiting museums and zoos. If you get them interested in this at a young age, then it is unlikely they will become bored later on. In fact, bringing education to life like this at a young age can only bring massive benefits to children.

·         Role play with your child. Not only is this going to be beneficial for bonding with them, but role playing can also help boost creativity. This is an important skill for their working life!

·         Give them a couple of responsibilities around the house (providing they are old enough), and reward them when they do things properly. Gradually reduce these rewards over time. The intention of this activity is to ensure that your child learns the meaning of responsibility, something which is going to be plaguing them for the rest of their life!

·         Have fun! This is incredibly important. Every so often, the child needs to have a good giggle. Trust me, this is going to be incredibly effective for their learning!

·         Take photographs with your child. Sure, this isn't going to benefit the child too much, but it is going to benefit you. Remember, children grow up incredibly fast, and if you aren't there to capture memories, then they will soon fade. So take pictures of your child having fun as much as often. This is something that you will never regret.

·         Go go to the park (if the child is old enough). Not only will this give you a break from entertaining duties for a while, children do have a habit of making friends with children of a similar age in the park, which of course is going to boost their social skills!

·         Cook with your child! Another skill which they will be using for the rest of their lives, so best to install it sooner rather than later right? It also allows you to share ideas on healthy eating with them, something that is important, and yes, they will pick it up whilst they are still small.



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