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10 tips to help learn American accent

Are you inclined to learn American accent and searching for some useful tips? In this article I am delighted to reveal 10 great methods to enhance your American accent skills .Here we go!


1. Start reading loudly

Accent can only be optimized when you speak; hence it is imperative that you indulge in speaking. At times you may not find a Native American speaker, but it is advisable to find an interesting text in English and read it loudly. While you are reading, try to exaggerate your pronunciation, and analyze the correct intonation, which means to stress on content words like nouns, verbs, adverbs & adjectives along with structured words like articles, pronouns or prepositions. You may record yourself to evaluate your sound accents and your shortcomings.


2. Look for a language buddy

There are tons of sites that connect people who are seeking a pen pal, you may make use of sites like Polyglot Learn Language, Live mocha or Italki to locate a language partner from the United States and indulge in prating your accent with him or her. You may barter your native language skills in exchange to improvise your accent.


3. Sing or rap along

Choose your favorite American song and sing and rap along the rhythm and it can be an entertaining as well as en effective method.


4.  Start interacting with your friends

You must be in contact with English speaking people, so you may have practice sessions with them and in case if you cannot get connected with them, just talk to yourself – practice is the key to winning environment.


5. Use Forvo

If you have any doubts regarding the pronunciation of a certain word or a phrase you may try Forvo is a platform where native speakers of over 250 languages pronounce words in their native tongue, and there are American speakers too. Make sure to listen to a Native American speaker and try to repeat his word for few times.


6. Start listening to the American radio

Search for “US RADIO STATIONS” on Google and stay tuned to VOA news special English broadcast, where the speakers read slowly, which is about two third of the speed of standard English, and thanks to this process, it is a very east task to understand them, Moreover, there is also a transcription of any given broadcast!


7. Watch American movies with subtitles

We all love films and what would be better than watching American movies with subtitles. As subtitled film makes it easy for you to understand what actors are saying and repeat after them. The process is very effective and exciting. However be advised, watching movies by not paying any attention to the way actors speak would be a futile exercise.


8. Visit America

Arrange to take a trip to America, and it is the most idealistic way to be surrounded by the American accent. When you interact with native speakers ensure that you give undivided attention to the way Americans speak. You can definitely make this trip if you are inclined.


9. Invite Americans to your home

Extend invitations to Americans to visit your home by using The concept of is very simple; it is a platform to connect travelers with locals. The locals want to host people at their homes in lieu of cultural exchange, friendship and learning interactions. At the same time the travelers have an alternative to cut down their traveling costs and stay with the locals. If you sign up on this site, you stand a chance that some American might land up at your place and you can practice your accent with him.


 10. Live through American English

You may at all times indulge in speaking and listening to American English and get habituated to it, and in due course of time you will notice huge improvements in your accent. Be advised, learning an accent is a process and takes times and cannot be mastered overnight. However, if you start living through American English, and if you immerse yourself deeply in it, you may complete the process of mastering American accent in a short period of time.

Good luck and have fun!




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