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10 tips to improve relationship with your child

Developing a positive relationship with your child is vital for their development. A positive relationship can lead to improved academic ability and behaviour. Lack of a proper relationship may result in children not being as ‘open’ with you about their needs which could cause them to struggle in their life. Luckily there are many different things in which a parent can do in order to improve the relationship with their child.

1.       You should try to show interest in what your children are doing. There are so many adults out there who simply dismiss a child’s interests because it is not something they are interested in. Showing interest in their talents will make the child keen to develop them and hopefully become successful.

2.       Give the child the opportunity to make decisions about their lives. These don’t need to be massive decisions but you shouldn’t be constantly telling a child what to do. This helps them feel like more of a person and helps them understand they retain at least some control over their life.

3.       Listen to what your child has to say. Do not interrupt them until they have finished. This lets them know that you are there to listen to them whenever they need you. It makes them more likely to open up to you.

4.       Have special nights together where it is all about you and your child. Eventually the children will grow to love these ‘special nights’ and they will want to continue them for many years, even after they have left home.

5.       There are too many families out there who do not eat meals together. It is something that you should be doing every single night of the week. A family meal gives the group time to bond and talk about their days.

6.       Tell your child that you love them often. You will find that the simple words ‘I love you’ will go a long way. You should try to use these words as often as possible, especially after ‘arguments’ where your child may have small doubts about the strength of your relationship.

7.       Let your child help you out in tasks around the house. Children love this and it is a great opportunity to bond. For example you could let them help you with the cooking or perhaps cleaning of the house. This also has the duel benefit of teaching them skills that they will be using for the rest of their life.

8.       Be interested in your child’s education. It isn’t the teacher that can teach a child the most, it is actually the parent. Do everything possible to increase their academic abilities. This could include helping with homework, coming up with ‘fun’ activities to teach them new skills or simply going to the library. If they get a good mark at school then encourage them!

9.       It isn’t all about learning however. From time to time you will want to play with your child. Nothing strengths a relationship more than having fun! You should play with them whenever you have the opportunity.

10.   Finally, remember your child is the number one priority in your life. Let them know that you are willing to drop anything in order to support them. This also means that you should always keep promises to your child. Never become so overwhelmed with things to do that you can never keep to commitments. It is not beneficial to anybody.

These are just a few tips that you can use to develop a relationship with a child. It is suggested that you put all of them into force to enhance the child’s ability to grow into their own person.

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