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Best age for children to learn English

Parents often ask: "since which age children should learn English?" "What kind of English textbooks for children should be used? "" Should or should not send their children to attend English training courses?" "To send children to bilingual kindergarten okay?" To solve parents' confusion, teachers of Native English tutor Wonderland will answer these questions. We think that once the child is born, they can start to learn a foreign language.

Scientific studies have shown that the 0 to 6 year-old is the best period for children to learn a foreign language. During this age, there is possibility of the formation of more than two language centers in the brain of children. Linguist Noam Chomsky said: "Children are born with a language acquisition device and the ability to learn the language in the first year of life can be manifested," a commonly observed phenomenon is an emigrant child may learn a second language at an amazing rate in street, and his words are very smooth, even the tone is identical to that of the native speakers. "

But from the children's physical development perspective ,3 to 6 year-old is the strongest period for a child to imitate. During this period, the children can imitate and learn quickly. It is very likely for them to form of the sense of the phrase. At the same time, children's memory is surprisingly good.

Parents who have their children learn English should not forget that they should learn English, give more encouragement and less pressure . Don't force children to memorize or recite too much . They should make good use of body language, with gestures, actions, or show entity, pictures and so on. Should carefully observe the child's reaction to check whether the children really understand the language. Language needs to be constantly used . Make young children learn English in a natural and pleasant atmosphere; master the correct method of learning can encourage to learn English language.

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