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Cupcake and Life


  1. I was browsing on Facebook when I came across this blog by an FB friend. ( She writes about a variety of interesting stuff but I specifically adore reading her journey as a mother-) . She wrote about alcoholic and virgin cupcakes....something new...hmmm...I immediately searched the hic! page on Facebook , automatically hit the "like" button right then and there I knew I was hooked. I've got to try these sweethearts...(

Here is their menu . The pictures and individual descriptions are more than enough to excite anyone's  interest and appetite.


As with every endeavor one chooses to take, along came the challenges. First up , the minimum order is a dozen for 650 pesos per flavor. My train of thoughts at that time included words - pricey,  alot and not practical because I wanted to try all the flavors. I decided to get their best seller Car Bombs- that's settled. Second hurdle, to get the ordered cupcakes - pick up only either in Makati , Fort or in their house in Paranaque. I live in Cavite so this was equally a tough consideration because I will be commuting. So I decided to postpone the order, during times of uncertainties I have learned to pause and wait. And so I waited.

A couple of days later, oh I was still not over the tempting cupcakes, I opened my Facebook account and saw a silver lining to my craving... a post from hic! about " Cupcake Initiative # 2 We're getting more requests for boxes with assorted flavors, but sadly none of you know each other! :( So here's the plan!! If we get TWELVE people to order a mixed box here on this thread, we can have them out for pick  up the following Saturday. "( . So indeed patience is a virtue - mixed box of 6 for 350 available this Saturday (July 28) HOORAY!. I clicked on the comments section to put my name on the list and there goes hurdle # 3 : 12 orders for that Saturday's batch was complete- SIGH ! ...but wait - another comment was posted that orders can be requested starting July 27 for the next batch on Aug 4- Saturday. I have always believed that if something is meant to be - no one and nothing can stop it from happening. I know it sounds silly because I am talking about cupcakes, but it is something good and I deserve to have it. And yes, I did get my cupcake sampler earlier- last July 28 - they had two boxes extra... 
# 1  minimun order a dozen for 650 pesos per flavor - Mixed box of 6 for 350 pesos
#2 pick up point - Paranaque,Fort and Makati - The commute was not a hassle.  I picked it up in Urdaneta Village , Makati before I attended church in Victory Ortigas. My favorite Filipino saying : pag gusto may paraan , pag ayaw madaming dahilan   - has the same idea with this English famous saying : If there’s a will, there’s a way
found this translation in yahoo answers : , The determined have reasons, the reluctant have excuses : by ihaveurinalathome
# 3  12 mixed boxes list for July 28 - had 2 boxes extra at the last minute..
To enjoy a delightful box of 6 cupcakes, I was reminded of these things :
I deserve to experience and enjoy good things. - it affirmed that trying new things is always an  adventure
Patience and Perseverance are important to get the things that we want - anxiety never really gets us anywhere
These cupcakes enabled me to enjoy a variety of alcoholic drinks in a more wholesome way . The Elvis is a "virgin cupcake or without alcohol" something you can share with the kids . I wish I could talk about more about the cupcakes like moistness and proportions so I can better describe them. I am looking forward to trying out the other two cupcakes - Mojitos and Food for the Gods. Let me give you a fair warning : the box of 6 is good as a sampler to try the different flavors and some flavors may be difficult to share.
Check out the detailed description of each cupcake on their Facebook page :
Car Bombs - my favorite and their best seller
Red Hot Choco Peppers  - I ate this last because it was the least appealing to me. It is my 2nd favorite in the batch - interesting union of sweet chocolate and chili flakes -explosive taste at first bite.
- The Elvis - Bacon topping , Banana Cupcake and Peanut Frosting - all good stuff. I am not a fan of anything with peanut but this frosting is my exception.
Margarita - To enjoy this Cuervo infused hottie make sure you include those salted lime zest in every biteImage
The Dirty Girl Scout -  If you like the combination of Mint and Chocolate this cupcake is for you.
Pina Colada - tropical cupcake-  refreshing flavors of rum, pineapple and coconut
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