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Differences between Hong Kong and USA culture

When you are looking at two different countries, one of the first things that is going to jump out at you is the difference in culture. In fact, you will be surprised at how big the differences are between them. In this article I want to take a little look at the difference between culture in Hong Kong and the United States. Let's jump in shall we?


Firstly, in Hong Kong, everything that is carried out is looked at as a 'group achievement'. Individual achievements aren't looked quite as much. Whereas in the United States, self-reliance is a big thing, and individual achievements are celebrated. In addition to that, humility is seen in different ways in the two countries. In the United States, it is a sign of weakness, in Hong Kong it is seen as a sign of strength.


The culture surrounding Family and Friends is completely different in the two locations. Let's start with family. In China, you are expected to learn everything that you know from the elders of your family and play upon their knowledge for the rest of your life. It doesn't matter the status of your family, you learn all of your lessons from them. On the other hand, in America, children learn to be independent from their families, and whilst they will take some knowledge, it will be the knowledge to function on their own. Basically, it is completely different in this country.


When it comes to friends, China focuses on small groups of friends who will be there to help you whenever you need them. Basically, you need to be surrounded by only close people. In the United States it seems that there is a lot of social status to be taken from having lots of friends, many people don't really have anything close to them, which goes to show that friends doesn't have much of an impact on somebody's life.


Discipline is completely different between the two locations too. In the United States, laws apply to everybody, although the individual can be taken into account. In China however, not all laws apply to everybody and different factors can have an impact on the discipline.


The final thing I want to discuss here is the difference between business cultures in the countries. Firstly, you will find that businessmen from China tend to be a lot more laid back. Many tend to be fairly quiet in their business dealings. On the other hand, Americans tend to be very loud and very pushy when it comes to making deals. The sales approach in China tends to very indirect, whereas in America it tends to be direct, and many people will try to only keep in touch with their contacts when it suits them. Chinese people find this disrespectful and find everybody in their business dealings needs respect.


Of course, this is just a small example of the various differences between Hong Kong and American Culture, but I am sure you can agree, there are a lot of differences here. In fact, it is quite an interesting subject if you want to carry out a bit of research on it.


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