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Effective education for autistic children

If you would like to help autistic children it is essential that you become familiar with the methods in which they learn in the best manner possible. This article will give you some pointers on how to help autistic children learn well.


Structured education


This will go a long way in helping the child by building on his strengths and make him more independent. You can have good structure by creating and explaining schedules, guiding them to focus on tasks and using visualization for cues Tasks being allocated to the child must be doable and he must understand clearly what he needs to do so that it does not create frustration if it cannot be done properly.




Pictures speak more than words and this holds true especially in the case of autistic children. Explain words through appropriate actions like showing an airplane taking off when you want to make the word "up" understood. You can also stick a card to the airplane that says "up" when it goes up and "down" when it comes down. If you jump while holding a card that says "jump" the child will immediately understand the word.


The easiest words for an autistic child to learn are nouns as nouns can easily be associated with pictures of objects which become easy for the child to associate with.


Some children may have Echolalia in which case picture books and flash cards may need to be used. The only thing to remember if you’re using cards is to have the picture and word on the same side.


Stop distractions


A common issue with autistic children is that they are easily distracted by sounds, lights and smells in their surroundings. For example, they may see a fluorescent light flickering and hence it may be better to make them sit near a window or put a new bulb that does not flicker.


Here are some ways to avoid autistic children from getting distracted:


·         Place furniture and items to be used in such a way that they are well organized.

·         Seat the child in between 2 good students if he cannot be seated next to the teacher.






Behavioral communication


The best way to understand how an autistic child is feeling or trying to say is to see how they are behaving. An important thing to remember is that a lack of understanding may be true both ways as an autistic child may not understand you either. Have patience and let them make you understand them.


How can you help their behavior?


·         Make a set of do’s and don'ts for an autistic child to read.

·         Do role plays and relate stories to exemplify behavior especially in a social context.

·         Rewards work better than punishment.

·         Take into consideration their likes and dislikes.

·         Show them how to be flexible.

·         Build on their strengths.

·         Let autistic children know in advance about any changes in schedule or of any possible interruptions to what they are doing.

·         Give them advance notice about an activity.

·         Let them know before being touched or moved so that it doesn't disturb them.


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