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Effective study habits for children

Getting into the correct routine for studying is important if you want your child to succeed in their education. If both you and your child follow these tips when starting a studying session you will find that the amount of information that they absorb will be that much more, especially since they will not be as distracted, it will also help them get into a ‘learning’ state of mind.

To start with the area around the desk must be neat and tidy as well as be in a quiet location, this helps to minimize the amount of disruption that your child is going to be facing. If the area isn’t that quiet then your child may benefit from listening to soothing music.

In order to get your child into the frame of mind for learning they must have a scheduled study time which they meet every single day. There are no real exceptions to this rule, so set that study time in stone and let them work away.

You don’t want them to work constantly though. You will only want them to work in 45 minute spurts followed by a fifteen minute break. If you can sort the time out like this then you will be doing wonders for your child’s motivation. You could also throw in goals for the child to complete, and if they succeed give them a reward, again this helps for motivation, you do have to be careful though as you don’t want the child working for the reward as opposed to the educational value.

Help your child prepare questions to ask if they are unsure about a concept, they can either ask you or take them to class and ask their teacher. You don’t want them to just sit back and ‘go with the flow’ as they will never learn anything.

Encourage your child to make notes during their study session. Whilst many people encourage ‘highlighting’, this is not recommended. As that means you would have to read the book twice, and that of course isn’t going to save time. Notes also show that the child is processing the information.

Do not allow your child to study on the computer, there are too many distractions there. Instead seat them as far away from the computer as possible. Likewise, if they have a phone you should leave it as far away from them as possible, again it does act as a distraction.

Try to plan your study sessions before you eat a meal. Studies have shown time and time again that the mind works at a lot slower pace after eating a meal, and therefore they wouldn’t be getting the most out of their study time.

At the end of the study session you may want to review the material with your child that they have learned, this is great for checking that they have processed everything correctly, it also gives them ample opportunity to ask questions. If you apply any of these study habits now, they will be with your child for life, therefore maximising their education for a long time.

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