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Famous 10 children bedtime stories

We all know how difficult it is to get our children to sleep from time to time. Thankfully however, a good bedtime story does the trick most of the time. Let me run you through ten of the best ones. I am sure you will find that most of these are easily obtainable, and you probably know the story already, so if you can't find the book, just read them out to your child!


The Boy Who Cried Wolf: We all know this story. The moral of this story is to not lie, and as a result, it is going to teach younger children not to lie. Trust me, it really will resonate with them. You probably won't even need to read this out, instead, you should be able to remember it off the top of your head!


The Ugly Duckling: The moral of this story is that everybody is beautiful. It will teach your child to love what is on the inside, and ultimately, it is going to help build self-esteem. It is a pretty good story as well!


The Ant and the Grasshopper: This fun story teaches your child about spending wisely. Perfect to stop them continually asking for increases in their allowance! It will also teach them valuable lessons for the future.


The Hare and the Tortoise: This is one of my favourite stories of all time. As I am sure you know, 'slow and steady wins the race' is the moral in this classic children's tale. It teaches children that they don't need to achieve everything all at once, in fact, if they take the 'race' slowly, they will inevitably end up more successful than others.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: This is one of my favourite fairy tales, and as you are probably aware, the animated version of it has gone down in history as the first feature length movie produced by the Walt Disney company. This story is about a young princess who is exiled by her step-mother. She ends up meeting a couple of dwarves, but the queen still wants her dead. She takes a bite of a poisonous apple and a prince comes to kiss her. The perfect end to a fairytale.


Cinderella: This is another classic fairytale involving a princess who is shunned. In this story, Cinderella is not able to go to the ball, until she meets her fairy godmother at least. She is instantly transformed into a princess and ends up going to the ball. The prince falls in love with her, but she needs to be gone by midnight before the spell wears off. She leaves her glass slipper behind and the prince eventually tracks her down. Again, ending the story with a kiss and marriage.


Jack and the Beanstalk: I find that  males tend to like this story more than females. As you are probably aware, it is a story about a boy named Jack purchasing magic beans. Discarding them, they end up growing into a huge beanstalk, which Jack climbs and ends up meeting a giant. Fun for all of the family!


Pinocchio: This is an Italian story which was of course turned into a classic Disney movie. The story is based around a toy maker who creates a toy, who ends up becoming a human. The downside? If he lies, his nose grows! Children love this story, and after telling them, you will always be able to see if they lie because they will check their nose!


The Three Little Pigs: This is a classic story about three pigs who take on a wolf. Basically, three good entities triumphing over adversity. The pigs of course make three different houses to keep the wolf out but he manages to 'huff and puff' and blow one down! Children will love it, and they will even love reading along with you.


Little Red Riding Hood: This is a classic story about not trusting strangers, which is a fantastic life lesson for your child! I am sure you already know this story about a grandmother, a wolf and a wood chopper. Again, your child will love it!

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