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Good websites to learn English

Some pupils require course materials beyond learning in school. The good news is, there are lots of sites on the internet to aid in learning English.  Below are free and good websites to learn English:


learning English Websites

· Livemocha ( This is a great language site for learning and millions of people are already using it around the globe. Students of English can pick up a lot of knowledge from the lessons and also chat with others who are learning.

· Transparent Language ( - This site provides a lot of cost-free resources to pupils who are learning English, consisting of a review of the language, software and quizzes on the internet.

· The English Club ( - This website provides cost free courses, games, videos, quizzes, and additional resources to help students learn English.  The pupils also have the ability to do online chat sessions and practice their newly found skills with others in the community.

· Merriam-Webster ( - This is the Merriam Webster dictionary online which is great for ESL pupils to expand their vocabulary. The website provides a search widget,  fun and interactive word games and a selected favorite word for that day.

· Babel Fish ( - This is powered by Yahoo and is a language translator which can translate individual words, a large amount of text or full websites. Keep in mind that babelfish isn't perfect but it is helpful.

· VerbaLearn ( - This site is very good for practicing English words.  .  Pupils can customize the method of learning and also get study lists in the form of mp3s.

· English as 2nd Language from ( - This site offers many ESL resources completely free so they can learn English. Free resources consist of vocabulary and grammar practice, English courses, quizzes, tests and so on.

· learn English ( - learn English has actually been  useful  for students of  EFL/ESL for upwards of a decade. It instructs pupil’s English grammar and vocabulary and using their newly found knowledge in conversations and then challenges their skills with both quizzes and games.


Practice English Websites

· ManyThings ( ESL and  EFL students can exercise  pronunciations with the complimentary audio games.

· Dave's ESL Cafe ( - This site provides a large variety of ESL resources for teachers and students.  English learners who wish to exercise communication and writing abilities will appreciate the huge forum for students.

· ESL Forum ( - This is the most well known and popular ESL forum in the world. It is used by both teachers and students who discuss learning and practice ESL writing.

· ESL Fast ( - Digital robotics assist ESL students exercise their newly found English skills. Site visitors can exercise chats about everyday life, school, travel, entertainment, employment, shopping, housing and so on.

· ESL Flashcards  ( - ESL pupils can exercise their English skills with this huge collection of printables and flashcards which are completely free of charge.

· Online Books Page (  - English pupils can practice newly found reading skills with free books which can be found at the Online Books Page. The current count of free books is over 35,000.

· Bibliomania ( -This is similar to Online Books Page, because it provides a huge amount of free English literature.   The website also allows visitors to look over learning materials and study guides.

· IPL (  - IPL is short for Internet Public Library which is another location on the internet for free reading materials.  The IPL provides free newspapers, magazines, books and so on.


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