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How English songs help with learning a language

You may be fluent in speaking English but you must be tearing your hair apart to understand the lyrics of a song in the same language. You may love listening English music, but most of the time you have no clue about the lyrics. Most non-native speakers are sailing in the same boat. In fact many native English speakers too have an issue with this.


English music has spread its tentacles all over the globe, and it does not matter if you understand the lyrics or not, the fact of the matter is to start focusing on the lyrics and making use of them to learn.

I always recommend being relaxed and search for the lyrics. Being a native English speaker, I still have issues figuring out the words. The same issue persists with Spanish as well as Portuguese songs too. But if you try hard and are inclined to understand the lyrics then you are surely on the right path of learning, and it will only be easier from then on.


The essence of any language is to take advantage of the same by paying undiluted attention to what they are saying, and the words start to flow to convey something to you on a newer level, and you are all set to use these words in your own life. This is an process whereby absorbing the culture by passive listening or being passively brain washed turns into an active process of learning a language . So, how does understanding the lyrics aid you in enhancing your English speaking skills?

  • Vocabulary: Lyrics are structured to become unforgettable and you are tuned to listen to them all your life. And once you have learnt them, they stay with you for good and you will be inclined to review them frequently and enjoy the entire process. If you try to learn one song every week for an entire year, it would not stress your time; you have a stock of 52 songs filled with new vocabulary & phrases, which you may never forget in your life time.
  • Practice the correct pronunciation: Songs act as perfect tools to better your pronunciations skills and during the process of singing, you tend to practice your pronunciation and invariably try to imitate the native speakers, thus improving your speaking skills. The melodious rhythm leads towards better pronunciation, intonation and fluency.
  • Enhance the listening skills: The art of listening can be perfected and improvised by paying undivided attention to the lyrics of a song, and once you learn a couple of songs you will be equipped with an interesting selection of songs and vocabulary. When you give importance to the lyrics your listening skills get activated and the entire process becomes a fun filled learning experience.
  • It is a useful addition to your existing practice: The process is practical and simply complements your present tasks, as you already are in sync with certain English songs, and you need not make any massive changes in your daily life, all you need to do is take a print out of the lyrics and make use of a dictionary to figure out the words you do not understand .You may download the lyrics on your iPhone or iPod and read them while listening.
  • Improves your grammar: This process has an added benefit as it gives you ample scope to practice your Grammar. You will be surprised to know that some of the most intelligent questions related to grammar posed to me by my students are related to songs. You may also map the whole language into pop songs and improvise your Grammar drastically by learning the lyrics of your favorite songs.

Proper diction analysis: Correct Collocation or diction analysis can be defined as the cultural context & placement of words, as what might seem natural to the native speakers may have no logic to it and virtually impossible task to teach. It’s gained with time & contact with language in real cultural contexts. In fact songs convey stories, and such stories impart proper collocation, which when heard again and again are incorporated in your own way of speaking.

  • You can assist your buddies in understanding the meaning of the songs: You can teach them about what the song means, simply because you now understand the true meaning of the songs you like, as you have understood that the fun of listening to the song is never complete till you have mastered in understanding the meaning of the lyrics. In due course of time you may conclude that what you understand from the people about the lyrics is not always correct and when you teach them with the right meanings it will make a huge impact on you and deepen your thought process.


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