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How can English tutor make tuition interesting

I am going to be honest here. Most children do not find learning English that fun. In fact, many switch rather quickly which is of course going to hamper their learning experience. Thankfully however, an English tutor has the ability to inject a little bit of fun into their English tuition and make everything that much more interesting for the child, increasing their ability to learn. Let's take a little look at a few of the more popular methods available.


One of the best ways for an English tutor can use to make the lessons that much more interesting and engaging is to provide motivation for the learner. One of the main reasons as to why people start to learn English is because they feel as though they aren't making any real progress, which is understandable, this is a rather difficult language after all! It is therefore important for a Tutor to give the learner encouragement whenever they achieve something, no matter how small. This will easily keep them interested in the material and fuel their desire to learn more, and of course receive more motivation.


A tutor may also want to incorporate more 'hands on' learning into their English tuition. This means not constantly dictating information to the student, this can cause them to become bored pretty quickly, particularly if they are a child. So what do I mean by 'hands on' learning? Well, there are plenty of materials for learning English out there. Perhaps watching a television show, listening to the radio or perhaps listening to music. Basically, it needs to be demonstrated that there is more to English than what is just inside of the classroom. Remember, due to the different learning styles that people have, this is perhaps one of the best ways to help people absorb the language who need to learn like this. I suggest that you opt for 'real world' materials as opposed to dedicated learning materials as the latter will seem far too much like a lesson, and of course that isn't going to be exciting for the learner!


English tuition isn't all about dictating fact after fact. Instead, it is about actively engaging in the language. Therefore, one of the best ways to make learning English that much more fun is to 'connect' with the pupil. This means talking to them (in English of course) finding out more about them, and of course allowing them to talk back to you. This is of course a real world example of putting English to use, and the students will love that they are able to do this properly, again, great for motivation.


As you can see, it doesn't take much to make learning English fun. If an English tutor started to incorporate more of these techniques into their lessons then they will find that not only will they retain the interest of the student, but they will find that their student starts to learn more English than they ever have before. The key is to try to tap into how they learn.


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