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How can parents encourage children to read more English books

Reading a book is absolutely vital to the development of a child’s language. The problem is that many parents are unsure on how to encourage their child to read. Thankfully I have a few tips for you that you can use to encourage your child to pick up a book and start absorbing the language that is enclosed. As I am sure you are aware, reading enables children to recognised written words, absorb new ones and put other words in content. I am sure you will agree this is absolutely vital.

One quick thing to mention, it is important that children are surrounded by reading long before they can read. Parents can do this by reading them short stories before sleeping. As the child grows you can allow them to take a more commanding role in the reading eventually progressing to allowing them to read the book themselves.

One of the best tips I can offer is to take your child to the local library. One of the major reasons why children don’t read is the fact they are not interested in the subject matter. By taking them to a library you are enabling them to pick out the books that they want to read, this provides them with motivation to pursue their language learning. It doesn’t matter which book they pick out, it can be fiction, non-fiction or even a newspaper, all that matters is that they are interested in it.

Have you ever wondered why children grow up displaying the same attitude as their parents? This is because they like to imitate them. Try to read English books in front of your child; they will eventually begin to do the same thing. I feel that this is one of the best forms of encouragement; they will really want to impress them.

You should always read with your child, set aside a time each day to read an English book with them. This is much more effective at a younger age, you never know, if they really get into the story they will take the time to read the book by themselves. This is a technique that is often utilised no matter what language somebody is trying to learn.

Remember, you shouldn’t just be encouraging your child to read books. You should be taking every available opportunity to encourage your children to read in English, eventually this enthusiasm will pass off over into book reading. Maybe let them subscribe to a comic book they like, or a particular favourite of mine is to cook with them. Allow them to read out the recipe, it gives them great motivation to know that they have created something out of their own reading skills.

If you use just a few of the tips above then you will be well on your way to motivating your child to reading more English books which will in turn cause them to substantially increase the English language skills that they have.

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