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How can parents have positive impact on children’s development

The Role of Parents in the Positive Development of their Children

Parenting is a full time job, as you play the role of sheet anchor to build a platform for the development of your child. You have the privilege of being the first human face, first caregiver, and most idealistic role model for your child to emulate and follow. If you are concerned about your child’s behavior patterns, attitude, developmental state, then it’s time to start introspecting and analyzing the strategy which may positively affect your child.                                                   


Expectations & Schooling

Unrealistic expectations tend to lower your child’s morale, as a parent it is imperative that you set reasonable and age- appropriate expectations to impact your child positively. Allow your children to make their own decisions, as this will build their self- confidence and will help them make sensible choices. Sandra L. Christenson, PhD from the University of Minnesota has rightly stated that the development of child & educational research reflects the positive impact that high parent expectations and aspirations could have on academic success. Every child has a special interest and no one is better equipped to discover that talent than his own parents. However parents who want their child to excel academically can impact the over all grades, performance on cognitive tasks or mental reasoning of the child. It is not necessary that your expectations will translate into   excellent grades. Instead you must focus on making your child understand the importance of education, and motivate him to create goals in his life which will help your child to excel and get the desired positive results                                                                         


We want our children to have more than we did, but just handing it to them might back fire and hence parenting at times means taking a step back. The American Academy of Pediatrics Healthy children Website, describes the art of parenting as keeping distance but at the same time helping your child to become an independent individual. During the early years when your child is at a tender age your parental instincts are tuned to protect him and keep him secure, and while during his schooling and later years you can instill a sense of confidence in him which will have a positive impact on his life. Keeping a distance does not mean that you maintain a hands off attitude, but you must keep a watchful eye on him and at the same time give your child the opportunity to succeed. Encourage him, let him make choices and put him to work to reason out his actions and develop his logical and rational thinking.


Kids have the tendency to look upon celebrities as their role models and they try to emulate their favorite movie stars, musicians & athletes. But as a parent you can easily take on this role if you try. According to KidsHealth, parents as role models can teach their children values like respect, sympathy, tolerance & honesty and make them fine human beings.


Children do need discipline, but how can we get them to do the right things without losing our calm. In the formative years of your child (the toddler & preschool stages) effective discipline can help your kid to understand the traits of a pro social and behavioral patterns to be followed .Carrots and sticks policy does give the desired result, if your put your child in time out if he fails to share his toys and this will make him understand the traits of sharing and have an positive impact on his social behavior when he is at school .Similarly setting a behavioral contract with rules & consequences for a grown up child can help him to develop a sense of responsibility and make him an emotionally better and positive human being.

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