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How teachers can help students concentrate

It is very difficult for students to learn who have a hard time concentrating.   They require regular teacher focus fulfill their school work.   Right here's the best ways to identify the predicament and solve it.

The number one reason why educational psychologists are used is because students fail to concentrate at school.  Beyond being a concern that the problem stems from a physical ailment, the psychologists' main focus is to determine if the lack of concentration stems from specific personality and sensory issues.  This is a problem for students of all ages.

Students who fail to concentrate of a specific job will fail to complete their work and therefore just be taking up space because they will not learn.  To avoid boredom they spend their time amusing classmates and constantly interrupting the class. 


How to Identify a Student with Poor Concentration

First of all, the amount of time which needs to be devoted to the observation should be set beforehand.  Many times two to three days is the right amount of time.  .When the observation starts the teacher will portion some of his or her time to keep track of the problem student.  It might be very distracting to the teacher, but the short investment in time will pay off.

An observation spreadsheet will be created, and tried to keep on hand during the observation.  On the left side will be a column with specific observation classifications which will be listed.  Here is an example of the columns:

· time of day

· what subject is being taught

· how large is the class

· activity

· what the student is doing

· if someone else was interacting with the student, who

· how much time was the observed student distracted if not interrupted

· anything else to add


Columns on this page should be setup with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so forth so that each incident of distraction can be tracked.

Every day when the student isn't concentrating this grid should be filled out.  For instance if the student was observed the columns would be filled out as follows:  11:30am, math, group of 5, making jokes, with Mary, 15 minutes, teacher aiding another group.  During the observation period teachers should try to refrain from intervening unless a good majority of the students are also distracted.

After the observations commence, the spreadsheet should be analyzed closely to see if there are any patterns that show up.  This may identify the source of the distraction such as a certain time period or if they are interacting with a particular student, or when a specific subject is being taught.   With this data in hand there can be very simple solutions to solve the problem of helping a student concentrate better.  Getting more rest, separating two students or more instruction on a subject many times can solve the problem of concentration a good deal of the time.

If there are a number of students which have problems with concentration there might be some classroom factors which cause the problem.  Teachers must keep their pupils attentive by teaching course material which is engaging.  Another factor can be the school environment where the classroom might be hot or cold.

Sometimes after the observation there is no set pattern.   There are other causalities of a student's distraction such as poor health, problems at home and extracurricular actives.  A teacher should set up a meeting with the student's parents to get the bottom of the problem before it gets any worse.

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