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How to cope with lazy children

As a parent all your children are special, but they can have polar opposite personalities.   For instance one child can be a self starter while the other can't be motivated to do much of anything.  For the latter child this can be very frustrating because she or he is very smart and talented, Because of these problems with my own family, I did the research and found some great ideas which can motivate and help you cope with lazy children.


Make Sure the Laziness isn't Health Related

While some children are inherently more energetic than others, but most children are not normally lazy.  If your pride and joy appears to be uninspired and tired, there can be a few forces behind it.  As kids get bigger and grow physically their bodies need more rest.  As soon as the growth spurt and body get in sync again they will get to their normal energetic self.  If you presume any medical troubles triggering laziness, take them to a doctor to see if there is indeed a problem.


Praise and Appreciation

Every child has their strengths and weaknesses.  So if your child isn't great at everything, give them encouragement for the tasks that they do well.  Tell him or her how their individual effort relates to accomplishment and achievement.  Appreciating your own children with words that acknowledge their hard work being the root cause of fulfilling both goals and objectives. This will aid them into understanding the formula for success.


Keeping a Positive Attitude

Parents set the pace for their children's lifestyle and education choices.   If you view school as enjoyable and helpful, it s most likely your children will follow your lead. If you are constantly critical, they are much more likely to rebel against your negative attitude.


Managing Time Wisely

Some children don't care about time at all and completely unconcerned about time and due dates. A way to solve this problem is using a white board and chart in marker the due dates of particular projects and this has to be constantly monitored.  This skill is crucial to survive when it comes to real life.  Hopefully after a few months of using these charts your child will be more self motivated.


Cheer on the Interests of Your Child

The trick to motivating your child is finding something that interests them.  This can be more of a challenge at school, but tell their teachers what motivates your child so they can hopefully extract more effort out of them.


Extracurricular Activities

Use special trips to the zoo or go carting to help your child get motivated.   They dread school work but decide to study for the spelling test because if she gets an A she can go ice skating with dad on Saturday.  If you have a few children you can do a group activity like going to a baseball game.  Keep in mind this outside motivator works very well on some children and not others.  


Readjust Your Expectations

It can be very difficult to accept that your child is not very motivated, but you may need to embrace this. Some kids who do their own thing and can solve problems in completely unconventional ways.  Invest more time in discovering and encouraging your children, since when they grow up will see you infrequently for big occasions such as holidays and weddings, so now is the time to embrace their special and unique talents.

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