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How to determine your child’s learning style

Many children find it incredibly difficult to learn. It isn’t because they don’t have the ability or motivation however it is mainly down to the fact that the style in which they are being taught in is not compatible with their way of thinking. Thankfully there are a number of things that a parent can do to help establish their child’s style of learning, once this has been established they will be a much better position to help with their educational needs.

Everybody’s mind works in a slightly different way, this includes personalities, the way we visualise the world and of course the way we learn things. The key to learning is to deliver educational material in a way in which is compatible with a learning style. There are three main styles of learning:

Auditory – This is where people remember information when things are read out loud to them. They often have difficulty with written instructions.

Visual Learners – These people learn by watching. The majority of classrooms nowadays in a way that benefits the visual learners as this is the more dominant form of learning style. A visual learner will always have pens and paper on hand to make notes of instructions.

Kinaesthetic Leaners – These types of learners like to get stuck into the learning process. They want to move around and talk about what they are learning or have learned. Often these types of learners are often diagnosed with ‘learning difficulties’ although this shouldn’t be the case, all they are doing is perceiving the world in a slightly different way to everybody else.

Now that we know the main learning styles how to we determine the way in which our child learns? It isn’t that difficult to do really and as a parent you will have a close enough bond with your child to recognise their learning style.

If your child is an auditory learner you will find them talking out loud to themselves a lot. It is this talking out loud that is enabling them to take in what they have learned. People that have this style of learning prefer group work as opposed to working alone. Often it may seem like your child is not paying attention to what you are trying to teach, however this is because they do not need to create eye contact. Their hearing is much more advanced. If you believe your child to be an auditory learner then it is best to explain information out loud. Discuss what they have learned at school and let them share their knowledge out loud. This will help it sink in a little more.

If your child is a visual learner then you will find that the techniques used for ‘auditory learners’ will not be beneficial at all. You can determine whether your child is a visual learner or not by observing how they learn things. Do they like to observe you going about daily activities? If they are of a school age then take a look at their notebook. Is there a lot of writing or some doodles? If so then there is a good chance that they have a visual learning style. If you are trying to teach somebody something with this learning style then you should demonstrate it as opposed to speaking out loud and trying to explain. You can easily illustrate most points in diagram form. Alternatively you can demonstrate the subject in a real life situation.

The final style is of course Kinaesthetic. You will find people that learn in this style move around a lot. They will like to do what they have learned and often move their hands when they talk. If your child is displaying these characteristics then do not get angry with them like most parents, they are simply acting out the way in which they learn. The best way to help people with this style is to come up with fun activities and games in which they can use to have a more practical view of what is being demonstrated.

In addition to these ideas there are also a number of ‘tests’ on the internet which will help you determine the learning style of your child, they should give you a pretty good idea but by no means are they scientific. Determining your child’s learning ability is absolutely vital to their education. It is suggested that you can make an effort as soon as possible so that you can adapt the way you attempt to teach your hild things.

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