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How to discipline children

During the early stage of a child’s life you will find that they are inquisitive about almost everything. This can of course cause problems as they have not yet developed the ability to know what right from wrong is. Discipline is therefore a vital learning tool, it enables you to set limits with your child and will teach them that the thing they are doing is ‘wrong’. Contrary to popular belief however, discipline is not about violence. In fact it is best if you can avoid violence all together. Let me explain a little about how you should discipline your children.

One of the first things that toddlers do in their learning process is touching everything. This could of course be dangerous in a household environment, especially if there are many hot things lying around. What you should do to ‘discipline’ your child in these circumstances is to move their hands away from things you don’t want them to touch. You should tie this in with keywords. For example if they are touching ‘hot’ things then mention words such as ‘hot touch’. The words you use are up to you, but it is important that you teach your child why they can’t touch something instead of simply pushing their hand away.

If you notice that your child is about to do something wrong then don’t just stop them in the path. Often this will lead to nothing more than a temper tantrum. What you need to instead is to ‘divert’ their attention. Children have incredibly short memory spans and simply calling their name will divert their attention away from something that they intended to do.

You will need to establish limits for your child. Stick to your guns no matter how hard they protest. For example they should know that they can’t always have candy no matter how much they protest. Or they cannot cross a road without holding your hand. This type of ‘discipline’ helps shape their behavior and teaches them valuable life lessons for the future. Remember, throughout your life you are constantly going to have people telling you that you can’t do something. This prepares the child for it. There is nothing worse than a person in later life that was able to get everything their own way when they were younger.

You need to learn to take charge of your child. After all, you are the person that they are going to be looking up to throughout their life. Let them make mistakes on their own, more often than not they will learn from them. At the same time offer ‘helpful’ advice and they will take this into account. When they see your advice works then they will be more likely to listen to what you have to say in the future.

If you follow the tips above then you will be doing your children a vital service. Do not ever go overboard with discipline. You need to remember that a child is naturally curious and the things they are doing is their way of learning about the world.

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