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How to handle attention deficit disorder

Sadly, if your child has Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD as it is more commonly known then you have to realise that you are going to have to adapt, it is not something that it is going away. Sure, if you have never dealt with the problem before then it can be difficult, but if you follow these 8 steps it might make it slightly easier to cope with, these tips are also handy for adult suffers of the problem.

1.       Educate yourself about ADD and the ways that it can manifest itself. Whilst ADD will present itself in many different ways, it is mainly caused by abnormality in the brain. This is mostly in the genes but can also occur as a result of head trauma. These areas are then ‘undeveloped’ which causes this problem.

2.       If you have ADD or have a child that has, then please get help with the condition. Your doctor should be able to point out a number of support groups for you around the area. They will also help you determine whether medication is necessary for controlling your child’s behaviour.

3.       You will need to promote a well-balanced diet. This includes taking multi-vitamins as well as drinking plenty of water. Eating fish that contains Omega-3 is also great for boosting brain function. The rest of your meals should be well balanced.

4.       You will need to drink enough water, dehydration will lead to the brain acting slow. This is going to be detrimental to workings of the brain as important chemicals will not ‘transfer’ in the brain. Whilst it won’t actually cure the ADD, it has been shown that ADD suffers worsen when they are dehydrated.

5.       ADD suffers of course can’t focus well and thus they procrastinate. Perhaps one of the best tips I can offer is to plan your day, if you are an adult suffering from ADD then get a small day planner. If you are trying to help your child then inform them what you are going to do beforehand. It is absolutely vital that you stick to this plan, this will help relieve any stress or anxiety about the situation.

6.       You have to realise that ADD is not mental retardation, sure, it does effect the brain but that doesn’t mean that any intelligence has been affected. In fact, ADD suffers are commonly regarded as some of the smartest people ever. It may take a while to learn how to cope with the condition before this potential is realised though.

7.       ADD sufferers find it difficult to concentrate on studying. Therefore it is important that you adapt the way that they memorize information. For example you will want to build short lists, come up with word links etc. You could even turn it into a game.

8.       Finally, stress and anxiety can help increase the symptoms of ADD. So every so often just take the time to mediate and let all of that stress disappear.

Just follow these short tips and you will be little bit of the way towards controlling Attention Deficit Disorder. You do have to remember though that it is something that is always going to be a challenge and you will always be learning something new about handling the situation.

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