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How to improve mother daughter relationship

Deal with reality; you aren't the best at bonding with your daughter. She may be always on the phone, doing schoolwork, at her friend's house or on the laptop.  When you attempt to speak with her, she does not pay attention, or simply goes to another room.   You seem to embarrass her all the time and have no idea how to change this situation.

You are probably busy yourself and are dealing with issues such as money, work, family and so on. Do these scenarios seem like your relationship with your daughter? If so, you should enhance the relationship between you as the mother and your daughter to become closer and start bonding.

It may appear difficult, however after some time; you will recognize that it isn't really as difficult as you originally thought.  By chance if you don't know where to start for her to enjoy your company and become closer, do not stress.

 Reserve some time in your daily routine to do activities with your daughter.  Choose a specific time every day or day where both of you are available, such as Wednesday evening or Saturday.   It's best to do it on a consistent basis so you can both remember your time together and easily remember.   The summer months are an ideal time period to bond because she will be out on summer break from school.   If you must work in the summer, try to reserve time on the weekend. If your budget can afford it, talk to your boss to reschedule your work hours if that's the only way to portion out time.  If it can be done shoot for a goal of an hour or more every day to devote with your girl.  Ask what she would probably like to do or she wants to go.  

Talk. It's crucial for your child to understand that she can talk with you, and that you are there for her.   When you speak with her make certain that you keep eye contact and she reciprocates. Say to her, "We need to pay attention to each other" in a very friendly and calm voice. Attempt to be short and to the point, or your daughter may start to get tired, not concentrate, and think she did something wrong or is being scolded.  Communicate your message in the first few words and be as brief as possible by using simple, easy to understand language.  Likewise, both of you should have casual conversations that don't always have to be serious.  You can ask your daughter about her day at school or how was her day.  But to bond your conversations should also involve her individual interests such as hobbies, sports, and her future.

Establishing trust is necessary in any relationship.  You must have trust in your daughter.   It might be tough to do this, however you need to have faith in her.   The reason you might not believe your daughter s due to the fact that she may lie frequently. This could be due to the fact that you also don't always tell the truth.  Therefore she learned the truth is fungible.  It's never too late to do the right thing.  Be truthful to yourself and start keeping promises and do everything in your power to follow through.   Nevertheless, if something turns up, make sure she knows that. Tell her the reason behind this because she most likely would be asking why. When your daughter takes an action which demonstrates that she is responsible like acing a test, doing homework, goes to band practice you will have more faith in her.


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