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How to improve social skills

We cannot lead a life of isolation. Friends are our soul curry. They are the external family which we choose from the heart. We can be ourselves with our friends and can share our innermost thoughts with them. There are many people who are basically introverts and hence they find it tough to make new friends. They need to cultivate new social skills and bond well with others.

What is needed?

· Confidence

· A wish to enhance your social and other personal skills

· Time & patience to put these skills into practice.



1.      Develop listening skills: You need to be a good listener. Show your interest and concern while listening to people. When you listen you show that you are keen to know the person better. Maintain eye contact and focus on the conversation.

2.      Improve your body language: Analyze how you appear to others. Do they find you reserved and tough to approach? In case you wish to make your social circle grow then you need to become friendly. Sulking and sitting isolated will not help. This will make people stay away from you. Be calm, poised and relaxed. Smile and try to move towards people. Start with a small group and begin interacting.

3.      Speak to known people: Confide in your close buddies that you wish to socialize and make new friends. Your friends can help you out in this. Your buddies may even set up an informal get together and introduce you to others from his or her group. If you do not speak up, no one will know that you are open to making friends.

4.      Try interacting with new people: Work on your social skills. The easiest ways to break the ice is to complement a person. Speak highly but from the heart. Be honest and upfront in your appreciation.

5.      Enroll in new activities: This will give you a ready platform to meet & interact with new people. You will also be able to converse with them on topics of common interest.

6.      Develop a sense of humor: Reveal your jolly side to the world. People are happy to be around a warm and happy person. Laughter is a wonderful means to bond with each other.

7.      Stay Calm: Never fret or seem flustered. Rather stay calm and confident. This will draw people to you and it will also make things easier for you.

Things to bear in mind

Never be fake. You can make friends by being honest and appearing just the way you are. If you are double faced, then people will be able to sense it.

You need time and patience to master the art of social skills and hence never worry if you have goofed up. Make a fresh start and rectify your errors. 


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