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How to improve your English writing skills

English is the most used language by people from all across the globe. However, English writing is not for everyone especially as a means of communication. Speaking it is one thing but writing it is entirely another story. Nonetheless, English writing is a very essential skill considering the introduction of internet, social media, texting, tweeting and blogging. If English is your primary language, this does not necessarily mean you are already good in writing. Writing English has many requisites you need to study.


The best way for you to learn is to get engrossed on the language, which could significantly improve your skill. Improving your skills in English writing is relatively easy when you do the following tips –


1. Write in English for maximum language immersion. If you regularly communicate by writing in English, you can develop your writing skills effectively. This is because each time you write your mind is exercised by tuning into proper English. You will pay attention to details like punctuation, sentence structure and spelling. It follows the same old adage – “Practice makes perfect.” If you practice more, you will get better with time.


2. Make your vocabulary and knowledge of sentence construction and grammar grow. As you regularly practice, your vocabulary and knowledge will spontaneously grow but this should not stop here. The best way for you to do this is keep a daily journal of your writing activity by using the blogging format. You can use free blogging platforms online for this.


3. Read books, magazines and newspapers regularly. If you notice, people who are wide-readers improve their skills in writing well and they usually comprehend messages better than those who are not. If you read writing materials like newspapers, you will see how reporters and editors construct their sentences. Apart from this, you will also discover new words and definitions thus expanding your vocabulary more. If you encounter a new word, you should look it up on the dictionary. This method allows you to read and master the words you encounter so you can improve your writing skills.


4. Study the parts of speech and how they work exactly. English language enthusiasts generally know the eight parts of speech including adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, interjections, nouns, prepositions, pronouns and verbs. Sentences are completed by using a combination of these parts of speech, which you will notice how they are able to convey a complete thought.


5. Learn the correct use of punctuation marks. A lot of people have a hard time using punctuation marks when writing. If you find this extra-challenging, you will not know whether or not your writing is polished. You should learn the correct usage of punctuation marks.


It doesn’t matter whether you are still in high school or already in college. Developing your writing skill is better when started at a young age. The earlier you start improving your skills the better your skills will get. Writing in English may be challenging but with practice and exposure you will learn how to do it in to time at all.


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