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How to improve your child's learning attitude

If your child has a negative attitude towards learning then you will find that their education dwindles as a result. In fact, most so called ‘intelligence’ issues are based around the fact that a child does not have the attitude required for learning as opposed to anything else. It is therefore important that you improve your child’s learning attitude as soon as possible after you experiencing it faltering. This article is based around a number of the techniques that you can use to help this.

The technique that you need to incorporate more than any other is to simply ‘lead by example’. Children gain most of their ideals from their parents, and you need to let your child know that you value education. Children are keen to impress their parents and make an effort to learn. You can show how much you value the education by going to school meetings, or simply just helping out with homework.

Many children gain a negative attitude towards learning because there is not anybody around to tell them that they have done a good job. Kids thrive on receiving praise; therefore you should ‘reward’ them when they do a fantastic job. It doesn’t even need to be a gift or anything; verbal praise is more than enough. In fact, it’s probably best not to give a gift, you don’t want your child expecting one every time they do something well right? Research has consistently shown that those children who are praised generally receive the best grades whilst at school.

Talk to your child about what their hopes are for the future. Even the youngest child has dreams of what they want to be when they are older, sure, these dreams most likely will change, however you can use this chat to help them realise how important education is in obtaining their dreams.  These talks will also enable you to discover what your child’s interests are. A key point to remember is that your child will have a positive attitude towards learning what they want to do, many parents forget this and try to discourage their child from learning things they want to learn, this in turn will create a negative attitude towards the rest of their education.

Education doesn’t need to be bland either. Try to introduce a bit of fun into it to help illustrate what they are trying to learn. Maybe trips to the museum or zoo are in order? Many parents and teachers also like to incorporate fun games into what their child is learning. Maybe a bit of role play as well.

Finally, some children have a negative attitude towards learning because they may find that there are other things in school that are impacting them, for example, bullying. You will need to talk to your child and know what is going in their life, and then it is up to you to put the situation right.

It will only take the application of a few of these techniques to begin to improve your child’s learning, so get started today, that way you stand the best chance of maximizing your child’s education.

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