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How to learn business English vocabulary

Exactly what is the most effective method to strengthen your business English vocabulary?  The simple answer is reading real world business websites, magazines and newspapers.    Read business materials which you are interested in your industry.  For example if you are working for a financial institution, read the latest happenings about finance.  Likewise if you trade stocks, read about about stocks in the WSJ (Wall Street Journal).  If you own an IT company then read magazines which pertain to the IT field.

Perhaps you currently read on a daily schedule, publications to bolster your business English vocabulary.  But if you aren't doing this, then devoting 15 to 20 minutes a day to reading these English business publications will make a huge improvement in you English.


How to Bolster Your business English Vocabulary Quickly by Reading Online

There are a number of great English business related websites which improve your vocabulary immensely.  Here they are:

The Economist is a well established English magazine which caters to the globe.  The online version has a section called "Business this Week" which recaps the major and current stories.  Other sections of note in the The Economist are "People" which does profiles of the people who are currently in news which gives great insight on how they rose to prominence.  And last, but certainly not least is the "Opinion" section which definitely has a point of view and has many words which will help your vocabulary.

Bloomberg - providing great technical info on the financial and business and for that reason a great amount of business words.

Or you can simply visit the English version of Google News.  To do this input the name of your business sector, region or country and then read the multitude of articles on business that show up.


After Reading the Article a Few Additional Steps Must Be Taken to Ensure Comprehension

Read the full article and then see if you understand the message it is trying to convey.   Check out the heading (title) and image captions, and if you have a hard time comprehending, don't quit.  If you start out and it is difficult to read keep in mind sometimes the hardest paragraph is the first one because the author is trying to gain your attention.  Read the entire article and there is a great chance will be able to comprehend much of the piece.

 With the basic meaning of the piece fresh in your head, immediately read the article again at a slower pace.   Pay attention to the new words or expressions which you don't currently know.  Attempt to make an educated guess to the context and meaning from the surrounding content inside the sentence and paragraph.  Use a dead tree or online dictionary to verify the meaning.  Keep in mind some words have multiple meanings so check in the most relevant meaning in regards to the context.

In the 15 to 20 minute time period you may start out only being able to read one small and brief article.  However if you are deliberate and look up words you are unfamiliar with and see how it's used in context, just in a couple of weeks you’ll find that you'll rely less and less on the dictionary. Then the articles that took you 10 minutes to read 2 weeks ago now only takes 5 minutes.  This is because you will be much more familiar with business English vocabulary.

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