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How to learn more English vocabulary

After you leave high school or college, somebody will undoubtedly mention that this isn't the end and just the start of your life.  The person who said this is exactly right.   The learning process never ends. As you get more life experience you continue to learn more.   This holds true on how to expand and build an English vocabulary.   To stop expanding your English vocabulary will stop your development. Whereas to continuously grow your vocabulary throughout life is mandatory if you want to improve as you get older.

You can preserve a smart, astute and erudite personality whether you're a teenager or octogenarian. This short piece will show you the ways to first discover, then learn, and finally utilize your English vocabulary so others will take notice of your knowledge. And right here is a secret nugget: If you can utilize your vocabulary of this ilk then you are undoubtedly extremely sharp.

As much as possible, learn new words. Whenever you read English, there are many opportunities to enhance your vocabulary. Do not overlook these when it is in front of you.   Many people like to skip unknown and difficult words and then fail to gain the basic understanding of phrases, keywords or paragraphs in their proper context.   If you are guilty of doing this in the past, you might need some added motivation to write down the new words. You must teach yourself to be attentive when listening or reading to remember to pay close attention to words which are currently unknown for you.  Take a notepad with you everywhere you go and write down the words and then look them up in a dictionary when you have a chance.   Likewise if you have an android or iphone you can look it up immediately.

Allow new English words penetrate into your head.  After learning the meanings, include hem into day-to-day speech as routinely as it can be done.   Offered you're utilizing each brand-new word correctly and in the right situation, it will start to become a habit and you will never forget the meaning of the words.


Include the Brand New Words that you have Discovered when speaking English

Use the brand-new words that were discovered in your read with your English vocabulary.  When you spot an unknown word or phrase in a manual, magazine, book, on the internet, and so on.  Don’t simply ignore these to save time.  Rather, stop for a second and speak it out loud to yourself.  Familiarize yourself with both the way it looks and how it sounds when said out loud.  Try to figure out what the word means by looking at the sentence structure.  You may be right or wrong, or you may be completely confused with the word and have no idea is of no consequence.  The most important thing is the process you have become aware of the new words in the English vocabulary.  By going through this you will then notice this word is used all the time when you read or speak to someone.  The most important thing right now is that you know of this word now and have expanded your vocabulary.  As time moves you will look up words that you are unsure about or have no idea and look them up in a dictionary to verify the definition.  Now when you come across this word again you will know exactly what it means and how to use it in the proper context.  Make this a habit and you will undoubtedly expand your English vocabulary.

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