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How to make reading interesting

Some children find reading an incredibly exciting adventure, whilst others give up because they don’t really find that they can ‘connect’ with what they are doing. Giving up on reading is perhaps one of the worst things that can happen, after all, the child is going to lose a lot of things that could help them through in their life, for example, the ability to comprehend situations or to become creative. Thankfully there are a number of ways in which can make reading more fun and draw a child back into the process, let’s take a little look at them!

1.      The first is something called ‘popcorn reading’. This is born from the fact that a child often gives up reading because they cannot understand words. The idea is your child reads, when they want to pass the baton over to you, they say the word popcorn. Then it is your turn to read, and so on, and so forth.

2.      Getting an older child to read the book to them. This often helps the child make much more sense of the words that are being placed before them.

3.      Get your child to highlight every word on the page that they know the meaning of. After this has been complete, get your child to look at all of the words they have highlighted, they will see that they really do understand a lot, this is a real confidence boost for them.

4.      Read a book by flashlight! This is actually exciting for children, especially if the story has a bit of a scary kick to it.

5.      Similar to the ‘flashlight’ trick. In this strategy you will build a ‘getaway’ for your child, whether it is a tree house, a fort or even a simple ‘blanket tent’ that you make in your house. Bring your child inside and read to them, they will actually find it fun!

6.      Many families I have worked with create a ‘reading corner’ in their house. This is an area decorate by the child specifically for reading. You will be surprised at just how many children will make their own way there to crack out a book and read it. Although of course, you could take the time to read to them in this location every so often.

7.      This technique only works on a ‘picture book’. The first thing you need to do is give your child the book, they will then flick ahead and look at the pictures. It is then up to them to tell you what they feel is going to happen in the story. As you go on you can see how close they got it. This is also a good tip for increasing their creativity skills.

8.      Many parents have found that if a child struggles with the same word time and time again, the pair will stand up. This has been shown to help a child remember a word because an action has been associated with it.

9.      There are plenty of companies out there which offer personalized story books. It is worth inquiring about these, children are much more likely to read if their name pops up time and time again!

10.  Get the child to choose their own book! They will find that they have much more fun choosing what they can read themselves.

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