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How to master English grammar efficiently

Majority of the people who take an initiative to learn a new language are short of time and an ideal environment. There is no short cut to learn English grammar. There are varied ideologies regarding teaching and learning grammar. The majority of teachers follow the practice of giving utmost importance to grammar lessons which are devoted towards studying language rules, and packed with tons of practice exercises. Some of the teachers have an opinion that the grammar could be best learned by practicing various language activities without directly stressing on the rules. No matter what opinion you may hold regarding grammar, and whichever way you have been taught, here are some important suggestions which will help you to master grammar in a better manner.

What can be done?

· Have an awareness of Grammar. Give grammar its due importance, think of grammar and notice the intricate aspects of English grammar which are same or similar to your language. For instance the use of articles in German language is similar to the one in English. Also be aware of how English language expresses an idea in a different manner than in your own language. Like for instance, English utilizes present perfect for expressing a period of time which initiated in the past but continues in the present. For instance, “I have had this watch for 10 years.” Many other languages tend to use the present tense for expressing the same idea; (Eg. German: ich habe deise Uhr seit 10 jahren) if you happen to notice the similarities & differences, you may master the rules faster.


· Cultivate the habit of reading English books: though it may seem weird, but the fact of the matter is that when you are reading English content and also listening to the English language invariably you are taking in the models of correct grammar, which will enhance your own writing & speaking skills. It will also help you to express your content in a correct and right way. Of course, it is advisable that you read about the grammatical awareness as discussed in the concluding paragraph.

·   Focus on the segments of grammar you find tough: Analyze and comprehend the aspects of grammar you personally find difficult, and if you are not aware of what sections of English grammar cause you distress, feel free take feedback from your trainer, and specifically in your writing you could focus towards such aspects with special care & attention when you edit your work.

· Speaking a language is more much difficult, but at times even here you can take some more time to get that particular right. For instance, you are retelling a story in a present tense you can keep track of the rule that you need an-s in case you are using the third person singular.

· In case you do not enjoy doing grammar exercises or loathe being taught grammar then it is imperative that you pay heed to the suggestions mentioned above. You will then have to figure out the patterns and the rules of the language without assistance.

  • If you love to indulge in grammar exercises, please feel free to go ahead, but be aware that being good at grammar exercises doesn’t mean that you’ll not make any mistake in your content. You can be like somebody who has learned the game of tennis by just reading a book, but when he is on tennis court, he fails to perform. If you are inclined to do the grammar exercises, try to do something more than simply Fill in the blanks or doing MCQs. Pen a couple of sentences of your own, which follow the same rule which you are presently trying to master. 

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