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How to parent quiet child

You may be a little worried if you have a child which is slightly quieter than all the others, however, don’t worry. Everybody is different and this is simply the personality of your child. There are a few things you will need to bear in mind if you have a quiet child though.

1)     You should accept your child for who they are. Far too many adults try to force their child to be more ‘outgoing’, please do not do this. This is only going to end up damaging the mental wellbeing of your child, and that is of course something you don’t want.

2)     Quieter Children are more likely to develop a passion for a subject, whether it is sport or something similar. It is your job to how grow this interest, you never know what they are going to do with it later on in their life.

3)     Many adults who have children who are introverts are introverts themselves. Many people are ashamed of their personality and their negative image will rub off onto their child. For the sake of your child you should seek therapy so that you can put any ‘issues’ you have with being slightly quieter to rest.

4)     Remember, just because you are an introvert doesn’t mean that your child is going to have problems dealing with situations in the same way, and you should respect that.

5)     Quieter children are often reluctant to meet new children, however you should not just ‘accept’ that. Your child will need friends in life, and thus instead you should gradually expose them to meeting new people. Let them know that it can be difficult, and when they finally complete the action, you should let them know how proud of them you are.

6)    Never tell your child they are shy, or in fact mention it in front of them. The word ‘shy’ is often seen as a negative in our society and thus you want to steer clear of it so you don’t risk upsetting your child.

7)    Go to new situations early, for example birthday parties or other social events. The reason for this is that you want your child to already be in a situation before other people arrive, this gives them a chance to get used to the whole situation, which will make them feel much more confident.

8)     Teach your child to stand up for themselves, not in a violent way though. You need to let your child know that it is ok to stand up and just say what they are thinking in some situations, if they don’t learn how to stand up for themselves at an early age, then it will become much more difficult for them later on in life.

9)     You need to respect your child when they want to be alone or play alone, don’t attempt to play with them, quiet children need their space sometimes.

10) Some children are known as ‘orchid children’, and if you have a child that is highly sensitive to their surroundings you could be very lucky. Although they are more fragile in their personality, if you leave them to grow you will find that they will be able to accomplish a lot in their life, subject to them remaining in the same conditions of course.

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